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Hong Kong Disneyland set to open its doors to tourists again

Hong Kong Disneyland set to open its doors to tourists again

Five months since its temporary closure on January 25 due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong Disneyland is now ready to accommodate tourists starting June 18.

Following Shanghai Disneyland, which was the first theme park to come back last May 11, we are about to see how they will handle their operations post-coronavirus, with social distancing regulations enforced and both guests and employees (aka cast members) sporting face masks.

Credit: Disney

Hong Kong Disneyland guests are bounded with strict procedures. It include the requiring of online reservations seven days before visit to maintain crowd control and the implementations of health protocols such as wearing of face masks and regular sanitation/disinfection.

According to the statement read by Stephanie Young, the park’s managing director, “We are proud to be part of the Hong Kong community, which has worked hard and shown fortitude in how it has handled the pandemic.”


In the meantime, the usual meet-and-greet of guests and their favorite Disney characters in the park are prohibited to prevent physical contact. This means less photo-ops for now!

However, they are continuing the building of its new attraction called the ‘Castle of Magical Dreams’ as it now enters its final phase of construction.

Hong Kong was among the countries that was quick to act on preventive and hygiene measures among its many establishments. As of this writing, the city has recorded only 1,110 cases and just four deaths.

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