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Here’s what Heart Evangelista has to say to the doctor who claimed she had a nose job

Here’s what Heart Evangelista has to say to the doctor who claimed she had a nose job

Just recently, a netizen went viral after posting that she will be undergoing cosmetic surgery with the doctor who allegedly did the nose job of actress and fashion icon Heart Evangelista. Prior to this, the 36-year-old star had already answered the nose job rumors and assured the netizens that it is natural — although she had clarified that there is no problem in undergoing plastic surgeries.

Heart replied to the already-deleted post of the netizen:

“Who is this doctor because I can actually tell him I didn’t do my nose and he is lying to you. Please give me the name. You can actually sue him for lying to you.” 

She, then, emphasized that spreading rumors about anyone is a horrible thing. The actress asked netizens to send to her the names of anyone who has been claiming that she did cosmetic surgery.

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“To anyone who claimed the same to you pls message me their names. This is horribly wrong. To lie to you about this is just so so wrong. I’d rather a rumor then someone actually claiming they did my nose ( I did not ) (sic).”

The actress stressed her support to people who want to undergo cosmetic surgery to feel better about themselves. However, she urged her followers to not believe anyone who is claiming that she had her nose done.

“To anyone out there who wishes to get cosmetic surgery- I am for making yourself a better version but DO NOT BELIEVE if they said they did my face etc – for the record I didn’t. When I’m older and di na kaya tiisin I don’t mind doing some procedures and I will refer who is good.”
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