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These Filipina women inspire us to embrace our body imperfections

These Filipina women inspire us to embrace our body imperfections

We are living in an era where people value physical beauty as an essential attribute to be loved and to be successful. This is resulted by the unrealistic beauty standards imposed by media and the society —causing massively low self-esteem, identity issues, eating disorders and sometimes depression among all genders, especially women. While it is important to understand that we cannot eradicate the toxicity of beauty standards caused by society overnight, for this calls for a gradual process.

Social media also portrays these beauty standards heavily. While some “Instagram models” are presenting beauty in a very unrealistic way — flawless skin, toned bodies, and perfect facial features that are all achieved through airbrushing and photo editing — there are still some women who opted to show that there is beauty in imperfections. After all, the concept of beauty perfection is a flawed concept.

These amazing women believe that beauty comes from within and advocates authenticity as an attribute that will surely make you a stand out.

Catriona Gray

Just jumping on here with a bare faced selfie to remind you that even though in photoshoots, makeup and IG story filters, my skin looks “flawless”…in reality I have pores, oiliness, fine lines, breakouts, beauty spots and moles…and I’m perfectly fine with that. This is just a kind, little reminder to remember that what we see online is a “curated feed”, and that we shouldn’t compare that to our everyday reality. #AsSheIs

Rabiya Mateo

I live in a cruel industry. I’m always compared to different girls. People have always something to say like, “You’re not beautiful enough. You’re so thin. I don’t like what you wear.”
But then life is never superficial. It’s not always what’s attractive to our eyes but it’s the love we choose to build, the connection we make to people and how we want to celebrate ourselves!.
This is the real me. No make up. No heavy hair extensions. Nothing fancy to wear. Just me.
Even in my simplest form, I know in my heart I am nothing less than phenomenal.

Bianca Umali

Self-love is real love.

I am perfect in my imperfections, secure in my insecurities, happy with my choices, strong in times of weakness and beautiful in my own way… I am myself ♡

Say it with me: “Self-love is real love.”

For International Women’s Month, I’m encouraging you to flaunt your unfiltered beauty as an act of self-love and confidence. Join me by posting a selfie that makes you feel beautiful, and use the hashtag #PreviewNoFilter. Include the phrase “Self-love is real love”.


Gabbi Garcia

Whenever I post swimsuit photos, people would always bully me for my body. Well, guess what!! Yes, I have no boobs, I’m flat chested + I have my own fair share of stretch marks. And I don’t see anything wrong with it. If your definition of being “sexy” doesn’t fit with my body type, well then sorry, but I LOVE MY BODY. And nobody deserves to be bullied just because of your body. We are all beautiful in our own way! #NoToBodyShaming#LoveYourBody

 Francine Diaz 


“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”
— Helen Keller  

Anne Curtis

Photo from Anne Curtis Instagram

Anne Curtis with her daughter, Dahlia. The actress-TV host flaunts her bare face, revealing her natural beauty.

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