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Here’s how you can achieve a minimalist look for your home

Here’s how you can achieve a minimalist look for your home

“Less is more.” Yes, we frequently hear that statement that somehow reminds us how to be mindful of our belongings. It can be quite difficult since there are a lot of distractions and influences to consume more material things.  But adopting a minimalist lifestyle can make you focus on the things that you really need. Let’s start at the place that we spend time the most especially during the lockdown, our home.

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Starting minimalism at home

If you want to achieve a minimalist aesthetics, you have to take the time and take serious effort. It can be difficult and tiring since you have to sort things out that you just stored throughout the years. It may be harder for you to decide to let go of some of these material belongings. We, from Village Pipol, are presenting to you a quick guide on how you can begin your minimalist journey at home:

Classify which is essential and which is not

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As you create an order for your things, you have to ask yourself these questions: “What items are for disposal? What can I store out of sight? Does this make me happy?” You should organize according to your needs and priority.

Use proper storage

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After sorting out the things you need to keep out of sight, the next step is storing them. However, you should remember not to just toss these things in a bin or closet since minimalism is also about having a system. You can look for reliable and stylish storage online and they don’t have to be expensive. Just consider their size to accommodate all those things you have to store properly.

Practice mindfulness and shopping on your future purchases

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We get it, it’s so easy to be tempted with online sales here and there. But you should not cave in. Next time when you shop at a store or browse on an online catalog, carefully decide if you really should add the item to your cart. You’ll find that most of the time, the items you wish to purchase are items that you will neither need nor will give you contentment in the long-term. Say no to impulsive buying!

Choose a simple color palette

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If you want to make your minimalist home inviting then you should reserve your bold colors for accents. For your walls, you can use neutral base colors such as white, beige, and ecru. These shades are perfect for perpetually clean and fresh-looking appeal. By doing this, you can make your favorite color stand out in a more inviting way.

Make use of the natural light

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Natural light makes everything look and feel better. It increases the appearance of space too which feels more open and homey. Don’t block off the windows or sliding glass doors and just open the shades. But if your place does not have access to sunlight, it’s time for you to invest in high-quality light bulbs. They may be expensive but they last a lot longer and can make a huge impact on your home.

Overall, these are just baby steps to a minimalist and clutter-free house. Do you have any suggestions that we can add here?

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