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There’s a new line up of serum for every need of your skin, whatever your gender is

There’s a new line up of serum for every need of your skin, whatever your gender is

Before many of us got curious about the ten-step Korean skincare routine, we don’t have a clue what serum is. All we know is that we have to cleanse, tone, then moisturize our face before putting on our make up or hopping on to our bed. The question here is: Do you really want to have a clear, healthy-looking, firm skin? Then you must know what’s the purpose of the serum and what kind is suitable for you!

Being able to take pride in our skin and beauty

The serum is a skincare product you can apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturizing. That’s because want the powerful ingredients to work directly to your skin. And serums can do the deep penetration as they are made up of smaller molecules. Its formulation serves to target specific skincare concerns like fine lines, dryness, acne, and others. However, a bottle of serum can be quite pricey that some of us cannot afford to maintain in our skincare routine.

Thankfully, a local group of entrepreneurs is introducing a new brand that can be the exact answer to this beauty dilemma. The brand name Bare Better originates from the concept of rawness and authenticity. It advocates celebrating your real identity as you work towards self-improvement. No matter what your age, gender, or skin color, Bare Better believes that everyone deserves to have better skin.Especially nowadays that we take pride in posting our selfie on Instagram when we’re confident about our skin. If we look good, we feel good.

Six powerful serums to answer major skin problems

Bare Better just launched this September with its new series of serums called “the betters”. It includes six different kinds of serum to answer these following needs: regeneration, exfoliation, glow, hydration, restoration, and protection. So how can you choose from those?

The regeneration variant is for those who want to fight skin aging and wrinkles. The exfoliation serum also does that, but this one prevents acne and brightens the skin. When you want to achieve a bright and dewy complexion, the glow serum is perfect for this job. Meanwhile, the restoration variant addresses acne flare-ups and large pores. Those who want moisture and whitening will love the hydration serum. Lastly, the protection serum evens out the tone while protecting your skin from UV and pollution damage. The brand really covers it all! These are all made in the Philippines and all of the raw materials came from here.

Not just improving our skin, but the lives of others as well

Aside from delivering these amazing products mentioned above, Bare Better also provides an opportunity for distributors and dealers. The program is simple enough but effective so anyone can earn profits from it. This is quite timely with a lot of Filipinos lost their jobs because of several company lay-offs. There are also some working professionals who are searching for an additional source of income. And of course, there’s a lot of young people who want to start their own business but don’t have entrepreneurial knowledge. All of them can benefit from Bare Better’s business model.

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The brand is not just pure business as it also aims to help and empower Filipino youth. With its campaign called “Better Future”, Bare Better released a special variant that has a purpose to give back to the community. The Better Future serum is an advanced anti-aging product that can improve the skin’s firmness through natural collagen. On top of these benefits, 100 percent of the proceeds from Better Future will be used for supporting projects for underprivileged Filipino children.

If you have an order or an inquiry, you can reach Bare Better through its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

As we learned about Bare Better as a brand, we cannot think of a logical reason not to try this one. Having beautiful skin while helping others is truly better. Do you guys agree?

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