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#YassLetsGetIt: Yassi Pressman gets real with her fitness journey

#YassLetsGetIt: Yassi Pressman gets real with her fitness journey

I know it seems like celebrities pretty much lucked out in life. But being in the entertainment industry, as it seems, is anything but kind. Your privacy is pretty much thrown out the window.

The yikes of the industry

People usually think that they have every right to comment on whatever pleases them. And an even bitter truth is t these celebrities have learned to just live with the harsh comments thrown their way. Which, especially is true for the women in the entertainment industry.

It’s no news flash that people on the internet almost always comment on an artista’s body. On whether or not they’ve gained weight, or which body parts are “dark” (which, news flash, is all normal, thank you very much). But thankfully, the women in the industry are now standing up for themselves!


If you’ve been following Yassi Pressman, then you’d know that her feed just gives off a wonderful energy. From quick dancing and kulitan clips, to photos showing off her dazzling smile, her feed, for sure, is a whole lotta vibe.

What caught my eye though, was recently Yassi posted a couple of real updates (both on her feed and IG stories), about her fitness journey.

Yassi Pressman gets up close and personal on how her body has changed last year, and how she’s now ready to be healthier than before as she takes us on her new fitness journey on #YassLetsGetIt.

I just love how this post reminds us just how human artists are. That behind the screens we usually see them in, they have bad days, lazy days, and days when they don’t wanna try. Just like any of us do.

On her initial post, she admits to letting her body go, and enjoying it. She listened to her body. To what she wants. And for someone who’ve been used to thinking of might look good on camera, this is big news!

To a healthier and happier Yassi

On a separate post (which was initially posted on her stories), Yassi reminds us that:

“I think there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a break, kung gusto mo ring magpahinga, to have fun, to let go…”

Yassi Pressman on her video on her new fitness journey

And I think that can’t be any more true.

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Sometimes, despite the external pressure the society puts on us, knowing that listening to your body once in a while can be more beneficial than it is harmful. And acknowledging what your body wants – needs – is necessary to learning how to take care of it.

Beyond social media

Of course, we’re used to seeing celebrities in their flawless forms, but Yassi is here to remind us that what looks perfect isn’t always perfect in real life. Yep, those photos where celebs have curves in the perfect places might not be entirely true. And that is okay.

What’s not okay is if we spiral down due to the pressure of these beauty standards. Because of believing that it is what’s best for our bodies, ourselves. Because it is not.

So if you still want to have a little fun, that’s okay. And whenever you feel that you’re ready to work on a set new goals, then take it slowly.

Know that whatever your choice might be, the best one will still be to listen to your body. And don’t worry, you have a lot of us at your back as you walk through your journey.

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