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Hair Color Inspo From Filipina Celebrities That You Must Try

Hair Color Inspo From Filipina Celebrities That You Must Try

We all know the DIY craze has become a trend during the pandemic. One of them is dyeing your own hair. It has become viral, from bold colors to muted tones and neutral colors, especially on Tiktok. So, it’s no doubt that you also want to try coloring your hair. It’s fine! If you are new to this, I got you, pal!.

Looking for something natural-looking is a good start. There are actually plenty of colors you can try you just have to search for the right ones that will match your style.

There are a lot of Filipina Celebrities who tried dyeing their hair with beginner-friendly colors. Check them out to get inspo!

Kathryn Bernardo

Our Queen! Lately, Kathryn has been trying multiple colors. This color is a copper brown shade that can make people turn their heads twice. So why not give it try?

Gabbi Garcia

This summer, it’s good to try Gabbi’s chestnut brown highlights. I swear this will complete your summer look.

Ella Cruz

If you have already dyed your hair with brown color, Ella’s hair suggests trying adding highlights to add texture and volume to your hair.

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Ylona Garcia

The fusion of brown and blonde tones is a go-to color when you’re still experimenting. As seen on Ylona’s hair it definitely makes a seamless natural-looking style. Hence, this is certainly good for all complexions.

Here you go! These are some of the Filipina Celebrities’ natural-looking hair color that is timeless. And having colored hair isn’t enough, it’s also important to know what hairstyles suit you the best because as we all know hair is our ultimate crowning glory.

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