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Get to know more about Arielle Rosales, Marqed’s 2020 Freshie Ambassador

Get to know more about Arielle Rosales, Marqed’s 2020 Freshie Ambassador


For its second year, Marqed Salon’s Freshie Ambassador, with a theme #GetFreshGetMarqed and Get Vocal, featured a fresh set of empowering young women who are not afraid to use their voice in tackling society’s most prevalent issues. Among this year’s 10 finalists, Arielle Rosales from University of Asia & the Pacific was hailed as 2020’s grand winner.

Arielle Rosales: Marqed Salon’s Freshie Ambassador 2020

For its 2020 edition, our finalists were tasked to talked about relevant social issues. At an early age, Arielle had her own regrets and insecurities about her own body, thus it limited herself from realizing her full potential. Now at 18, she wants to use her voice to send a message of hope and encouragement for all young women out there who are also experiencing self-doubts. She is now an active advocate  for body positivity and women empowerment.

Take a look at her entry below:


“I am Arielle Rosales and I believe that the society should not have a standard for beauty. This advocacy is very close to my heart because I personally experienced body shaming. Body shaming a person not only affects his/her confidence, but also his/her mental health. We shouldn’t be shamed because of something that is natural to a body. We are more than our physical appearance and our body shouldn’t be a concern of the society.⁣”

During its preliminary, our finalists talked about their quarantine lifestyle and thoughts on online classes. For Arielle, time is important especially for a student like her — doing small things like decluttering and cleaning her room, reading, and developing a new hobby helped maintain her mental well-being in this time of pandemic.


The winner was formally announced yesterday on Marqed Salon’s Instagram page.

“Today, we are proud to announce Marqed Salon’s 2020 Freshie Ambassador who advocates for one of the most prevalent issues in our society 📣 Congratulations, Arielle Rosales (@eyelxr)! We stand with you in combating body shaming for in your words, it does not only affect one’s confidence but their mental health as well. We must not succumb to the eurocentric standards of beauty that’s especially present in our country; ergo, to make a difference in this world, one must start from within. Self-care truly goes a long way and you’ve proved that, Arielle,” Marqed Salon wrote.


Congratulations Arielle. You may continue to inspire young women to speak, celebrate, live their life with purpose!


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