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I Am Campaign: Coming together to celebrate individuality and uniqueness

I Am Campaign: Coming together to celebrate individuality and uniqueness

Since 2018, Village Pipol Magazine the Philippines’ leading multimedia publication has been continuously advocating for LGBT+ rights and gender diversity through social media campaign #BeyondPride. For the past years, the said campaign featured local celebrities, people from the creative industry, bloggers and influencers, corporate people, and ordinary citizens, who are all advocating for love, inclusivity, and equality for LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Beyond Pride: I Am Campaign

The inaugural year of the Beyond Pride campaign received much attention from social media and has become one of the top trending campaigns in celebration of Pride Month. As we celebrate this year’s momentous event, we are now faced with tougher challenges as a community. This is the reason why we came up with the I AM Campaign to empower every member of the LGBTQIA+ community. The purpose is to make us feel powerful and to affirm ourselves, that in spite of what’s going on, we’re still on top of the situation. Now, more than ever, let’s recognize the importance of individuality and to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in our communities, within our organization, and around the world. Together, let’s send a message that Pride Month goes beyond gender and its complexity ⁠— it is a protest and it should always be. 

We, at Village Pipol Magazine, call to stop shaming others because of their sexuality, gender, and what they believe in. Instead, we should encourage healthy discourses and use our platforms in sending a message of acceptance and inclusivity. We have to respect each other’s differences, varying points of view, and lifestyle choices  ⁠— as they say, live and let live. It’s high time to support each other and to cheer each other on. If the society at large can’t accept us totally, let’s start building it from within. Bickering and constantly fighting each other will never bring us anywherehate can destroy you from the inside.

Slowly making progress

We still have lots of issues that we need to confront. But, I think, the reality is that though society has been tolerant, they haven’t fully accepted us just yet. It’s a fact, but we’re slowly making progress. Both small progress and all these longstanding issues are giving our brothers and sisters more reasons to continuously fight for space in our society.

We wish that time will come that no judgment in any form will be thrown at anyone, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, and background. We are also hoping for the time that we can freely express ourselves in public, and receive equal opportunities at the workplace. 

Let’s help each other to stop the stigma and remove certain barriers. We should present a united front and fight for each other.

Let’s keep the fire burning folks. One day, the rainbow flag will be raised so up high that we will get the respect and the recognition we all deserve. We believe that persisting and resisting together using each of our strengths are vital for the community, and whatever contribution, big or small, already gives us a step forward

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