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Gaming peripheral brand Vertux expands availability in e-commerce sites

Gaming peripheral brand Vertux expands availability in e-commerce sites

After its much-anticipated launch in March, Vertux solidifies its market visibility as it strengthens its ties with leading e-commerce channels. Of course, this includes Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Grab Mart, and even Viber. Awaken the gamer in you as the brand offers a wide array of accessories. This also includes keyboards, mice, headphones, cooling pads, headphone stands, and microphones. To top it all off, Vertux also has a two-year warranty on all its products. This also ensures you as a customer to give the quality that you deserve.

Gaming peripheral brand Vertux expands availability in e-commerce sites

Vertux Philippines Country Manager Dimple Condes said:

“After the demand, we received from our digital launch in March, we want to solidify our e-commerce presence. Vertux partnered with today’s most sought-after online sites, Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Grab Mart, and Viber. We are also beefing up our 2-year warranty in all of our products across our social media channels.”

Best-selling keyboards that have a design to achieve the highest gaming performance:


Dubbed as a high-precision gaming keyboard, it also keeps you ahead of your enemy with its ultra-fast tactical feedback. It also boasts six anti-ghosting keys allowing simultaneous keypress while gaming.


This, on the other hand, is an equally high-performing mechanical keyboard that provides precision with 100% anti-ghosting keys and a customizable RGB illumination of 16.8 million colors.


From one mechanical keyboard to another, this also hyper-action gaming keyboard with six customizable modes that let you enjoy every game depending on your mood.


Meanwhile, this has a 104-key keyboard that parades itself as the ultimate gaming keyboard which features blue mechanical switches for the response and tactical feel gamers always look for.


This also remained one of the most well-received keyboards from the brand. It is an ultra-fast, precise 104-key gaming keyboard with a vibrant, four-patter backlight. Vertux Amber also creates an unbelievable gaming aura featuring its 26-key anti-ghosting functionality.

The lineup of mice and give yourself a competitive edge with devices offering impeccable accuracy:


This has six programmable buttons for easier customization that lets you score advantage with its high-tracking accuracy and up to 4800 DPI that delivers ultimate performance combine with your skill.

Dominator and Drago 

Sporting classic white and black variants, these also let you feel a whole another level of control beyond expectations with its four on-the-go DPI settings to let you one-up your competitors.


This remains an unassuming alternative. It has a USB-wired gaming mouse that helps you play in full capacities. With up to 3200 DPI, it also boasts LED backlights and comfortable buttons, and a scroll wheel. Make sure to also pair your Vertux mouse with a Pro-gaming mousepad.


Flexing a stylish and lightweight design, this remains armed with the best keys and chipset. This gaming mouse delivers the truest tracking experience of up to 10,000DPI, ideal for FPS gaming. It also boasts 7 programmable buttons including creating macros. And for more seamless wrist action, you can count on Vertux’s wide variety of mousepads.

Vertux Swiftpad-XL and Swiftpad-L

Make huge plays and go big with these. Both have the design to help you level up your game with fluid swipes and pixel-precise movements while sporting an RGB LED feature.

Vertux Extent

Immense even further to your game with Vertux’s high-definition noise-isolating headsets:


This becomes a gamer’s dream boasting powerful, high-density 50mm speakers to let you hear every detail even during the most intense gaming situations. The unrivalled sound quality is paired with seven Rainbow colors which you can control to match your gaming setup.


Then, this offers a one-touch on/off button and a high-grade mic ensuring clear conversations between teams.

Malaga and Manila

These, then, both offer reliable 40mm speaker drivers for perfect competitive gaming sessions.


This, then, 3-in-1 headset stand can make any gaming table classier with built-in mouse bungee, USB ports, and LED lights to play around with.

Stream seamlessly with Vertux microphones:


This remains a high-grade professional gaming microphone with a cardioid polar pattern that picks voice from the front and eliminates noise from other directions to let you sound the best. You may also adjust the microphone to suit the best angle as it has a swivel 360-degree head and foldable anti-slip tripod stand.

Streamer-3 and Streamer-2

Included in its Streamer series, these offer standout performance with their easy-tilt microphones and a cool LED backlight feature that makes it eye-catching for gamers. The anti-vibration

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This has an anti-vibration feature and minimizes interference making your voice richer for streaming, voice calls, and recording.

Vertux also has an impressive pool of wireless speakers:


This has a water-resistant housing that creates an impenetrable seal keeping the music alive even when outdoors. Its “AuraSync” LED lights provide a dazzling display that enhances any gaming setup.


Another ultra-powerful gaming audio system with Bluetooth v5.0. It has two 10W satellite speakers and a 30W subwoofer that delivers rich, directionally accurate audio needed for high-performance gaming. Cooling pads for laptops should also not be missed.


It brings robust cooling technology with a fan speed controller for optimum performance based on your needs. It has an LED screen and rainbow lights in a sturdy aluminum design that carry laptops up to 17.”

Vertux is available in selected retail stores nationwide and in their official stores at Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, and Grab. You can also get select Vertux products for up to 15% off during the 5.5 sale! For Vertux’s full catalogue, you may visit their website or reach Vertux via Viber and their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to keep you in the loop for updates and promotions.

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