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For the young and young-at-hearts: Movies to watch this rainy season

For the young and young-at-hearts: Movies to watch this rainy season

Grab your blanket, prepare your favorite hot drinks and, maybe, add some popcorn. Now that the cold weather is in the town, it’s the best time to curl on your couch and grab those hoodies for better comfort as you watch these personal film picks of mine.

These animated films will surely comfort you with their significant message about life.

If you want to spark a little inspiration, consider these rainy-season choices. They are good for children and people who consider themselves young-at-hearts as it reflects culture, tradition, and love for family.

Coco (2017)

The film focuses on a boy who desires to become a famous musician, despite his family’s wishes. Miguel, who explores the Land of the Death, meets his idol, a famous musician named Ernesto de la Cruz.

He was forbidden to play or listen to music. Yet, because of his desire, he secretly played it behind his family’s back. When he got transported to the Land of the Death, Miguel discovered a secret that changed his perception of his idol.

When I first saw the movie, I was touched by its scenes as it talks about dreams and family. People who experience separation from their family for some reason, like death or immigration, could probably relate.

Hence, a colorful, vibrant, and culturally rich animated film like this can be enjoyed by many. If there’s one thing that struck my mind while watching this movie, it would be the importance of treasuring relationships and family.

Disney | Coco

Raya and the Last Dragon (2020)

This is a Disney-animated adventure about a warrior princess who is set to finish a mission. This movie joins Disney “warrior princess” films such as Moana, Brave, and Mulan.

Set in the fictional land of Kumandra, the story talks of the battle between the dragons, humans, and the Druuns.

This is one of my favorites and I mostly recommended this film to wach. It focuses on family, trust, and faith in humankind. There is no romance in here as it mainly projects the mission of Raya and Sisu (the dragon). 

Moreover, it conveys a message to viewers about diversity, culture, and family, whih makes it one of a kind. People need to pause, rewind and look back at their purpose of life.

The film is based on a Southeast Asian culture, so viewers can see some traditional instruments, clothes, and different lifestyles from the region. 

Disney | Raya and the Last Dragon

Ratatouille (2007)

If you are more into culinary adventures, this film will surely entertain you.

Ratatouille features Remy, a rat who teams up with Alfredo Linguini, a young kitchen helper at Gusteau’s Resaurant. Together, they build an alliance of making great dishes to impress customers and chefs at the restaurant.

However, when Linguini found his fame as a chef de jour, Remy felt bitter about it, as it feels like he was robbed by his teammate by not receiving any credit.

To tell you the truth, when I watched this movie, the first thing that came to my mind is irony. How ironic it is that a rat can cook? Typically, rats in the kitchen are considered a health disaster to us. Yet, this movie presents equally vibrant visuals for kids to enjoy. 

Disney Movies | Ratatouille

Ballerina (2017)

Perhaps, you want some movie that talks about childhood dreams? Maybe being a ballerina?

This entertaining animated dance film talks about reaching dreams and working hard to achieve them.

It entails the story of Félicie, an 11-year-old orphan who dreams of becoming a dancer. She escapes the orphanage with her best friend Victor and sets off to Paris to chase her goal. There, she meets Odette, a cleaner and caretaker of the Grand Opera Ballet. Her adventure to become a ballet dancer begins, then, begins there.

This movie presents a significant message to everyone. To achieve your desire, you first need to know your skills. By that time, exert an effort to enhance them. In addition, you should also treat your friends and peers with respect.

IMDb | Ballerina

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