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Few Reasons Why We Should Support Small Filipino Cake Businesses

Few Reasons Why We Should Support Small Filipino Cake Businesses

cakes by Sweet Art by Nikki Baltan, Cakes and I by Angelica, and J&Y Sweets

Cakes have always been the life of a party; the dessert that everyone loved no matter the occasion. Most people have surely tasted the cakes from Goldilocks and Red Ribbon. Because of that, some Filipinos tried customizing their cakes, according to their liking. And, that made the cake decorating business rise, no pun intended. And people even put a little twist on this dessert. Like, minimalist cakes or money cakes. However, when you buy a cake from a small business, the cake will not be the only one that you get. You will also have to pay for their time, effort, and passion. And, that makes the customized cakes even more valuable than the pre-made ones in the supermarkets.

So, here are a few reasons why we should support small Filipino cake businesses

To start, most small Filipino cake businesses customize cakes nowadays. And, it would take a lot of time to finish a customized one depending on the design that the customer wants.

1. Cake decorators spend time giving attention to the details of their cakes.

Just like any other cake decorators, Cakes and I by Angelica made a customized cake for Maine Mendoza‘s birthday last Wednesday, March 3. In addition, the cake was in yellow because it came from Maine Alliance Worldwide. And just like any other fan club, they knew their idol’s favorite color.

Moreover, the cake decorators will willingly spend time baking, molding fondants, and mixing food colors to achieve the desired hue. Another birthday cake from Cakes and I, and there may be some cake decorators that offer free cupcakes upon purchasing.

2. Most cake decorators start from scratch.

Just like in any business, the first step that they made would be taking risks and starting from scratch. In addition, most cake decorators started by buying baking tools little by little. Moreover, some of us may be aware of how expensive high-quality baking tools can be. And, even the fondant molds must be high-end and long-lasting. To add to this, cake decorators do not want any inconvenience while designing a cake.

Here is a Roblox-themed cake from J&Y Sweets.


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Of course, we cannot forget the favorite character of almost every kid who watches Disney, the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse- Minnie Mouse! This Minnie Mouse cake seems like a lot of effort has been put into, another reason to support small Filipino cake businesses.

3. They will not judge you when presenting your desired design.

No matter the circumstance, they will do your design without any hesitation. Even if your desired design is not appropriate for kids! Of course, cake decorators want you to enjoy the party- and the cake too.

Here is a rated 18-themed cake by Sweet Art by Nikki Baltan.

Another reason to purchase from our local cake decorators, they support your thoughts in deciding on a design. Even if aging up would be the next in line right after you blow the candle in your cake, you can still say that you will be forever young right after that.

4. You buy their passion, you get the chance to share their talents.

Lastly, cake decorators who customize cakes will base their works on their passion. In addition, they have the talent to mold fondants like clays as accurately as they can because they want your special day to be unforgettable. Moreover, if the cake tastes good as well as the texture, they must be passionate about baking. They will memorize the exact measurements so that they will get the same results every time. Because that will be their another edge among other cake decorators.

Moreover, the art of painting can also be essential in making a cake because there are some cake designs that need to be painted. Depending on which technique can be suitable for a cake. In the end, baking and cake decorating involve passion and talent. In the end, cake decorators will design your cakes into perfection, because they are passionate about what they are doing.

And when you buy a customized cake from small Filipino cake businesses, you indeed buy their time, effort, passion, and talent. Among my mentioned cake decorators, which one’s your favorite? Don’t forget to inquire to them about your cake needs!

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