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10 Filipino childhood snacks you can still buy today

10 Filipino childhood snacks you can still buy today

Snack time! Isn’t it so great when your favorite Filipino childhood snacks are at hand? But, it won’t beat the feeling of knowing that you can still buy them today. There are so many things in our memories about our youth that involve the said snacks. Now, it wakes our nostalgia, bringing us back to the good old days.

Weekend trips, movie marathons, break times, and field trips won’t be complete with these snacks.

Even though we’ve all grown up, these will always remain our all-time favorites. I would love to share with you these ten Filipino childhood snacks that I could never forget. Most of these are still available at your nearest supermarket. So, I’ve assembled a collection for you that you would probably get after reading this.

Here are the 10 Filipino childhood snacks you can still buy today

1. MikMik Powder

It is certainly one of the best-selling sweets for kids. I know your childhood is not complete without trying this. You will surely feel that satisfying accomplishment when you take a sip on this sweetened milk powder with your playmates without coughing. You will feel like you’re winning.


2. Iced Gem Biscuits

Nothing beats this biscuit with sweet iced candy on the top. The colorful treats are what made it attractive to the kids.  Of course, it’s the right taste of sweet and affordable price.


3. Potchi

I bet you all can finish one or two wrap bundles of Potchi! This strawberry cream gummy, soft and sweet candy that melts in your mouth is so satisfying. Potchi has now different variants such as gummy worms and choco gummy.


4. Cheese Ring 

When you want to grab a crunchy-cheesy-salty snack, Cheese Ring is the best that you can have. No matter how messy you can get because of the covered cheese your craving will be fulfilled.

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5. Marie 

Who can resist these soft and milky biscuits of Marie?  It doesn’t only exist in your childhood life because yes, it is still available today. Mostly served to growing babies and children since it is soft and easy to eat.


6. Stay Fresh

It is undeniably one of the popular candies when you were young. This green mint-flavored menthol candy will give you an instant mouth cooling effect.


7. Ri-Chee 

Looking for a crunchy and milk-flavored snack? Then Ri-Chee is the answer.


8. L.A.L.A

Did you know that L.A.L.A is an acronym behind this chocolate treat? It simply means Louie, Arlene, Leonisa, and Arlete. The perfect blend of its chocolate and milky taste is what we love in our childhood until now.



Who would forget these chocolate sticks of CHOKO-CHOKO? This is one of the iconic and never gets old childhood snacks we all wanted.

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1o. Nooda Crunch

This is my all-time favorite snack that I would never get fed up with. This is not so popular to some but I swear, you would love to try this. It’s a ready-to-eat noodle snack that comes with different flavors.


Which one is your favorite?

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