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This online dessert shop is set to satisfy your graham cake cravings

This online dessert shop is set to satisfy your graham cake cravings

When the quarantine period brought our indulgences closer to our screens, we couldn’t resist trying them all. From versions of baked sushi, ube cheese pandesal, and dalgona coffee to a well-loved dessert like leche flan — name it! Another dessert staple is mango graham float — a cake-like dessert made with layers of graham crackers, whipped cream, condensed milk, and mangoes. As a trusted household favorite, emerging online entrepreneurs easily choose this viable product. If you are currently satiating a sweet tooth, we introduce you with Mary’s Graham Cravings.

Mango Graham

What started out as a dessert craving came out to be a good business opportunity

Entrepreneur Mary May de Guzman was looking through an online marketplace when she saw “mango graham” posts and suddenly craved. She then created her own version but had excess pieces so she sold them to her workmates. Since then, more workmates would request to buy her cake dessert, and there came the birth of her small enterprise.

However, like many startups, Mary also shared that she encountered a few challenges in setting up her business. She mentions that as a one-woman team, she does everything from sourcing out raw ingredients and supplies, taking and creating orders to marketing her own products. But what kept her going is her loyal customers adding that, “hangga’t may isang bumibili, tuloy lang.” Moreover, she believes that the power of social media also helped her sustain her product’s presence to the online market.

Mary May de Guzman

Start now and learn to take a risk  

Mary shares that the greatest takeaway from her business experience is to just do it and try. It is only through trying that we can generate results. “Risk talaga ang pagsisimula ng negosyo, at sa simula lagi ang pinakamahirap.” She advises aspiring entrepreneurs that once you’ve gone past that first phase, you’ll eventually get the grit of everything after.

Be creative, stylish, and innovative

Asked what sets her products apart from others, Mary claims that her customers loved the overall presentation and its quality.They said na masarap talaga, tama ang tamis at hindi nakakaumay.” “Hindi siya yung usual na timpla kaya it stands out,adding that she incorporates a secret ingredient to keep the sweetness just right. She also emphasized the importance of variety in offerings that kept her market curious and willing to try new products. Her other flavors include avocado (graham), strawberry banana (graham), and graham de leche (a fusion of Leche flan & graham).

Avocado Graham


strawberry-banana graham


Graham de Leche


To place an order, you can send a message at her Facebook page, Mary’s Graham Cravings. Orders must be placed at least a day or two especially for those in bulk. Business hours are between 8AM-7PM only. Modes of payment include bank transfer and GCash. She is also open to resellers so for those looking to earn an extra, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

You are what you eat so eat something sweet! Mango graham, anyone?

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