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How cow’s milk is brought from farm to table

How cow’s milk is brought from farm to table

Milking a cow is a tedious job, but worth it.

Milk is a favorite ingredient for many. Most of our favorite desserts have it, and sometimes, even savory dishes also require the use of this product! You can do a lot of things with milk, including making some of your favorite baked goods.

While milk is not something to get super crazy about, I think we can all agree that it is important! It is a dairy product that some of us just cannot live without. And one place that caters to this very need of ours is Pinkie’s Farm! They provide fresh milk from the cows on the farm. Both the good old-fashioned way and the modern way.

How Pinkie’s Farm brings the good stuff from their farm to your table

Simple. As we said, they get their milk fresh from their cows and deliver it to you in glass bottles, just like in the old days! And as for the process of getting it? they do it with a little elbow grease and a little love.

Milking a cow can be done in two different ways. Pinkie’s Farm does it through Hand milking and Machine Milking, both these methods require care for the gentle beast, as well as sanitized and proper technique.

How Pinkie's Farm milk their cows

As the name suggests, the old way which is hand milking requires the use of hands. In Pinkie’s Farm, those who do it ensure that they have clean and sanitized hands. They also massage and clean the udder of the cow before beginning the process and massaging the milk out of the cow with full hand milk actions and collecting it in a bucket. Afterward, they strip it to let the remaining milk flow out in a stream and end the process with the disinfection of the udders and the teat, ensuring a clean process from start to finish.

On the other hand, machine milking requires less human labor as a machine is employed to perform the entirety of the process. And, before they start, they also wash and sanitize their hands first as well as wash and wipe the udders and teat of the cow. Then, they perform teat massaging to stimulate milk flow and avoid teat injury on the cow. After this, they attach teat cups to the cow’s teats which then alternate between vacuum and normal air pressure to extract milk. Then, they close the teats by hand which ends the process.

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What makes cow’s milk good?

All-natural Milk from Pinkie's Farm
Photo from Pinkie’s Farm Facebook page

From a young age, we have all been taught that drinking this dairy product is good for us, it makes us strong. This is true because it contains nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, B vitamins, and Vitamin D. It is also an excellent source of protein!

Other proven benefits are curbing and controlling the appetite, bone development and health, dental health, heart health, and prevention of Diabetes through improving one’s blood sugar balance. And, to make it not boring, Pinkie’s farm spins a little bit of their creativity rather than just serving a plain and simple, all-natural version. Varieties like low-fat, full cream, chocolate flavored, and coffee-flavored milk are also available to cater to different tastes.

And, now that you have an idea of what it is like to get milk from the farm to your table, and how good it is for you, you can appreciate it more. So, next time don’t forget to drink your milk!

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