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Support your child’s self-discovery with NIDO 3+

Support your child’s self-discovery with NIDO 3+

As a titang ina, I want the best for my niece. However, she remains a picky eater and prefers certain food and drinks. With her growing up so quickly, my family and I have started looking for ways to help her ingest as many vitamins and minerals as she could. And, one of the ways that we found is NIDO 3+ Powdered Milk Drink. 

Support your child’s self-discovery with NIDO 3+

As a picky eater, my niece doesn’t like color in her food. Although she likes chocolate, candy, and ice cream, it’s not very healthy. She likes light-colored foods like rice, banana, mangoes, soup, yogurt, and milk among others. So, as a way to keep her healthy, we decided to buy NIDO 3+.

NIDO 3+ Powdered Milk Drink with Workshop Bundle

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My niece celebrated her fourth birthday last April. So, this milk drink is perfect for her! It’s also very easy to mix. So, when she says, “Tita, I want milk.” I can immediately go and get her some.

Helping with respiratory defense.

This also remains the only milk with Lactobacillus Protectus with L. rhamnosus, a probiotic scientifically proven to help support the child’s respiratory tract. With the changing weather, the milk also helps protect them against common coughs and colds. 

For a healthy digestive system. 

It also remains the only milk with Prebio3®. This comes with a unique dietary fiber that helps support them with a healthy digestive system. With the Philippines being a tropical climate, kids are more prone to perspiration and losing bodily fluids. Hydrating them with NIDO 3+ may be a key to keeping it all running smoothly. 

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Brain nutrients, immunity, and growth and development. 

With DHA, ALA, and LA, these become nutrients for the brain. For immunity, on the other hand, Vitamin A and C, Iron, Zinc, and Selenium will help support your child’s immunity. We can also support normal growth and development of their bones and muscles, the milk contains Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Phosphorus that could help. With one glass of milk, it can already fulfill 50% of the child’s daily requirement for Calcium and 27% for Iron. 

The New NIDO 3+ is now improved with NutriTods. It’s a scientific program especially designed by experts. This will also address the growing-up needs of Filipino toddlers through the nutrient it contains.

Aside from that, it has no added table sugar and remains rich in nutrients. Buying it from Shopee will make it easy and more rewarding for parents and me, as a titang ina. That way, we can support my growing niece. We can also receive Shopee-exclusive NIDO deals and freebies. 

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