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Experience History and Food at Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant

Experience History and Food at Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant

If you’re wandering around Intramuros and felt hungry, I have a restaurant recommendation for you! Consider going to Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant in the Walled City of Intramuros. Famous for its cultural music and dance performances and lunch and dinner buffets with Spanish influences.

You’ll be astounded by the antiques on exhibit at the restaurant’s entrance as soon as you walk in.

The decor is antique but elegant, and it makes you feel as though you’ve transported back in time once you’re inside. Feels like you’re on the set of the popular Philippine television series Maria Clara at Ibarra, and Klay could show up at any moment.

Along with other meals with European influences, they offer a buffet of delectable Filipino and Spanish delicacies. The entertainment provided while you eat at this restaurant adds to its uniqueness. There are live string players playing during the lunch buffet. You can ask them for the song you want as well (as long as they know the song).

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At the dinner buffet, there is a Kultura Filipina show where members of the Folklorico Filipino Dance Company perform traditional dances such as the Pandango sa Ilaw of Luzon, the Singkil of Mindanao, and Tinikling of the Visayas.

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The cost of the food is likewise extremely affordable. You’ll be happy with their services, that much is certain. You won’t just be satisfied because of the food; you’ll also have fun watching the entertaining performances and absorbing the surroundings.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant now!

Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant is located in Casa Manila, Plaza San Luis, Intramuros. The restaurant is open from 8 AM until 9 PM daily. However, if you want to see the Kultura Night show, the best time to reserve a table is around 7 o’clock.

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