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Enjoyable Games To Play With Your Friends

Enjoyable Games To Play With Your Friends

Enjoyable Games To Play With Your Friends: Fall Guys, Mimicry, Goose Goose Duck

Amidst the rapid pace of our world, taking time to unwind is a worthwhile endeavor, wouldn’t you agree? Engaging in enjoyable games with friends is a preferred pastime for us, serving as a go-to activity to relieve stress. Alternatively, if solo play is more to your liking, that’s absolutely fine, as well.

Enjoyable PC Games To Play With Your Friends

As far as I can remember, I penned my initial article consisting of gaming recommendations that I personally enjoyed with my friends, back in 2021. Moreover, amidst the rigor of schoolwork and graduation prerequisites last year, we stumbled upon additional games that we tried.

But the good news, two of the games that I’m about to recommend don’t need another application for you to interact with them while you’re in the game, as it has an on-mic feature.

Mimicry: Online Horror Action

Softonic | Mimicry: Online Horror Action, 2/5 Photo

If you’re familiar with Among Us, Mimicry shares similar mechanics, making it easier for you to pick up and play. This Euphoria Horror Games creation, with its third-person perspective and on-mic feature, facilitates easy communication for both solo players and those enjoying the game with friends.

Furthermore, this game features different maps. In this, a player becomes infected and transforms into a monster capable of sabotaging and harming their teammates. The other players must do as many tasks as they can, and escape the premises to win this game.

Another appealing aspect of this game is the ability to personalize your avatar as it contains in-game wearable items. You can also change your gaming name and choose a different flag in your profile to represent your country. However, if you like to keep your nationality hidden, you can also use the Mimicry Flag.

You have the option to download this game on your PC via Steam for PHP 159 or acquire it on your mobile for free in PlayStore.

Goose Goose Duck

Polygon | Why Goose Goose Duck is blowing up on Steam

Goose Goose Duck (GGD) is the adorable version of both Among Us and Mimicry, sharing similar mechanics. However, in this game, multiple players can kill other teammates using different ‘duck’ roles. Here’s a tip: in this game, the ducks are the killers, while the geese are responsible for completing tasks and reporting dead bodies.

What’s more, is that GGD not only has a built-in mic feature but also has ‘proximity chat‘ where you can hear and eavesdrop with other nearby players. Enjoy the different maps this game has to offer, as well as other game modes for a more fun gaming experience!

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You can get this game for free on both mobile and PC platforms through PlayStore and Steam.

Fall Guys

XBOX | Fall Guys

Now, Fall Guys is truly enjoyable especially if you’re playing with your friends. To give you more idea of how this game is played, you have to race with numerous other players– like in Eggy Party. However, unlike the game I mentioned earlier, you can’t roll and dash in this one.

Moreover, this game doesn’t have an on-mic feature, this game remains enjoyable and manages to evoke an adrenaline rush, fueling a competitive spirit for victory.

Unfortunately for #TeamMobile users, this game is not accessible on mobile devices and is only exclusive to PCs. You can get this game at no cost through the Epic Games platform and its official website.

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