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Dulo Ng Hangganan: Things To Do During Separation

Dulo Ng Hangganan: Things To Do During Separation

V f Spade: What to do during separation

We’ve all been through that kind of separation that made or broke us. Some people don’t even know what to do when the person they’ve been talking to lost interest in them so suddenly. Furthermore, playing breakup songs would be one of the most helpful things to do.

Moreover, the IV Of Spades song, “Dulo Ng Hangganan,” would be a perfect OPM song for broken people to play. In addition, listening to music can help in letting the emotions out of that person. This article and song might help you in getting over that separation to avoid hurting yourself.

Umuwi sa ating sinimulang tahanan ngunit ngayon wala ka na. Hindi ko sukat akalaing pag-ibig mo’y mag-bago. Ang nais ko’y pag-ibig mo…” -IV Of Spades, Dulo Ng Hangganan

1. Feel the hurt until it hurts no more

Just like any other separation advice, acknowledge your emotions no matter what. Furthermore, your emotions are a part of you that knows what you really deserve. Nevertheless, don’t ignore them because most of the time, bottling up your emotions might take a toll on your mental health.

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Furthermore, take care and let yourself grieve for a bit. Moreover, it wouldn’t make you less of a person to show weakness, because crying helps in lessening the pain.

2. Accept that people come and go

In dealing with separation, know that not every people who come into our life deserves a spot in our whole story. Just like a book, there will be characters who will make their way out of a chapter just because they won’t do any benefit to you in continuing your narrative.

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So be brave enough to let them go, it may take a while for you to accept that some people won’t be there for you no matter how much you want them to be with you. After all, you don’t control their minds, it will be their choice if they wanted to go further without you. Never stress yourself out of the things you don’t have control over, continue writing your story.

3. Take care of yourself more

Now that you have more time, spend it with the people who love you dearly – yourself. Moreover, no one would be there for you except for yourself at the end of the day. So love and care for yourself the way you want others to treat you. Go to therapies, unlearn the toxicities, take time to heal yourself, pamper your body, go to salons, doll yourself up, treat yourself to a nice restaurant, you deserve it anyway! Remember that you matter as much as you value people.

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4. Find a trustworthy outlet

Let me first defend what I mean about this with regards to the tip above. The tip above tells you that you must take care and treat yourself best. This one would tell you to lessen your burden by letting things out aside from crying.

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May it be an art or a person, find something that would help lessen the negativities that you currently feel. Never settle on just crying by yourself, find something or someone who you can trust and share your pain with. Furthermore, a person who will listen to you without any judgment would be ideal because they will listen out of love. Moreover, it can be a lesson to that person too, to let them empathize. Turn your pain into a masterpiece that would be worthwhile.

5. Get in touch with nature

Nature has that natural healing property that a person needs because of its calmness that can lift up a mood. Moreover, nature doesn’t only cure physical illnesses, but also the broken souls. Take your time out and wander around, feel the fresh breeze, let the sun rays touch your skin, and unwind with nature. By doing that, you can somehow forget the pain from separation. Solitude can help heal as you take care of yourself.

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6. Do your hobbies and find new ones

In connection to the “find a trustworthy outlet“, get in touch with your older hobbies that you might’ve forgotten as you spend your time with that person. Moreover, getting over a separation can also do good depending on the person. Furthermore, most people use their free time in finding new hobbies such as working out and building up their confidence.

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Keeping a healthy body and a healthy mindset would be a great step in getting over a separation. To add to this, finding new hobbies contributes to new learnings. Life is too short to keep yourself in a box, so use up your time in exploring new things that you think you can do.

To conclude all these, moving on to the next chapter would not be easy if you kept on choosing to go back to the last ones. What you can do to help yourself heal from the pain is to have that mindset that everything will end in no time, most especially if you kept on helping yourself to strive better.

You do not actually need to forget them if you don’t want to because they became a part of your chapter. But what you can do is to focus on yourself. Someday, you can remember them without feeling any hurt, that’ll be just indifference.

I may have forgotten to elaborate some but moving on still depends on the person. However, I’m not an expert in coping up with pain, but the list that I made did help me. Lastly, just know that you will get through that separation and that you deserve better. Never settle for less because you are the whole package that deserves the best.

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