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A wonderful work experience makes everything worth it

A wonderful work experience makes everything worth it

Some employees tend to stay at a company because of the salary it offers. Some just really loved the position because of their passion and it’s their dream job. But to some, it’s different, especially those who only work part-time. They stay because of the relationship they built inside the agency. Treating everyone inside the workplace as a family, not just co-workers.

I have this experience working in a minimum-wage salary franchise company. They offer no special benefits and I asked myself before ‘Are my blood, sweat, energy, and efforts even worth it?’ But still, I stayed. Because of the people I considered my family.

And there are just these golden moments you don’t want to let go of.

Imagine, on a busy day when you can’t even take your break, because you have too much work to do. Some of your co-workers would offer you something to eat or drink. They’d give you a hand to make the task done quicker.

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Having your own personal struggles is hard. Exhibiting professionalism, you can’t necessarily bring those struggles to work. However, you can’t just forget and hide it no matter how hard you try. Next thing you know, someone invites you for a talk during lunch or break time. And, there, you got someone to listen to you and lessen your burden.

Working while exchanging silly jokes with each other also helps. It helps the work easier and lighter. There is no room for toxic people and the environment. But, of course, misunderstandings can occur. But, it becomes even better when you solve it together. The next thing you know you’re laughing with each other – a mature thinking of two colleagues. Perfect, isn’t it?

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Also, there are times that you share food. And this makes not only our stomachs full, but also our hearts. Staff members who don’t experience a friendly work environment will rush everything just to finish their shift and get home immediately. That may sometimes lead to ruining the output and your service.

Compared to those who enjoy their stay at work, they won’t notice the time and will be surprised that their duty is over. They will happily go home and happily go to work the next day. Having this kind of work experience will lead everyone to feel satisfied with the job, lessen boredom and increase productivity.

Friendly work environment

Then, there are times where you hang with your workmates every after shift. Mostly, you meet outside to eat or drink, which makes the bond more special. And there goes the unending stories. The sharing part where it will make you cry and laugh at the same time. And that is real happiness, when you know the people around you care for you.

These scenarios might exist only in our dream. But, maybe some have this really friendly work environment somewhere. Sometimes it is just on you and the people you work with. Try to approach everyone and try to build a good relationship. If it doesn’t work, then fine. There are more chances that the workplace will be a better workplace. Be a better worker and a colleague.

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