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Director Caroline Suh shares her personal take away from BLACKPINK documentary

Director Caroline Suh shares her personal take away from BLACKPINK documentary


Calling all BLINKs, ready your heart hammer light sticks on! Netflix is bringing the behind-the-scenes moments of BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY with this upcoming documentary!

Caroline Suh: Her process of  BLACKPINK by heart

During the virtual press conference with Netflix PH, our team was able to know more about the inspiration of Caroline Suh as the director of the documentary. As a Korean American, she wants to support Blackpink as a K-pop girl group even she only knew a few things about them.

As a newbie in the K-pop industry, it was a surprise for her how huge it is as a business. To familiarize herself more, she began to watch BLACKPINK’s videos. She added, “I was blown away by how cutting edge they are in terms of their incredible production value, from the costumes to the set, and just how well-produced all of the music is. Once you start watching, it’s hard to stop.”

Caroline Suh did intense research on BLACKPINK as a subject. She took two trips to Korea before the pandemic happened worldwide. She was able to meet Teddy Park and see BLACKPINK at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. That concert her first real experience and she realized how fans devote their time and efforts to support the popular girl group. In a huge arena with all sorts of people, she got a sense of how diverse their audience is.

The documentary will show BLACKPINK as a sisterhood

Moreover, Suh did get to know the personality of each member of the BLACKPINK  one by one. She also discovered how deeply connected the girls are. She described them that they’re like sisters, just like a family. There’s a balance in the group since everyone manages their emotions so well. And that’s the key to their teamwork. She further added, “They’re all very conscious about the little ecosystem that they live in. They all want it to be happy and healthy and they all want positive things for each other, and realized that once they joined the band, they were now responsible to other people.”

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Finally, Caroline Suh expressed her personal takeaway from the documentary. And she hopes the viewers will also see the beauty in it:  “It’s kind of a simple story — it’s about young people realizing their dreams through a lot of toils and some heartache, and I think that kind of story is always inspiring, to see people who are totally devoted and pushed through. There’s a lot expected of them as idols, so I hope the film helps humanize them, so people can see them as actual people.”

We’re really excited about the premiere of this documentary so if I were you, get ready to watch by clicking here. Let the inspiration flow through as you watch how your bias push through success!

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