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Top 5 Best Netflix Original Crime Series, according to Rotten Tomatoes

Top 5 Best Netflix Original Crime Series, according to Rotten Tomatoes

Picking something to watch on Netflix, especially during this purgatory-like times, could be an emotional rollercoaster. First, you’d have to deal with deciding on a genre to watch. Then, you would realize that the three choices you have might only be half-decent. At this point, you’re paralyzed with the thought of making a wrong decision. So, you will Google the ratings of your choices to find out whether or not they’re actually worth your time.

With film-rating sites, you don’t even have to worry. In this article, we’ll be looking at the five Netflix Original Crime Series that topped Rotten Tomatoes’ charts. The crime genre has started to form a strong fan base due to its elements of mystery, suspense, and interactive engagement. With the streaming site’s production of stellar crime-series, let’s look at the ones that exceeded Rotten Tomatoes’ expectations.

Top 5 Best Netflix Original Crime Series, according to Rotten Tomatoes

# 5 | Money Heist – 93% 

Money Heist revolves around a character they call El Professor who rounds up a team of misfits to steal billions from the Royal Mint in Madrid. Meanwhile, special elite forces try to catch them as much they can. Winning the Best Drama Series International Emmy in 2018, Netflix’s most-watched non-English series makes its criminals named after cities ooze charisma. Plus, even Stephen King is a fan of the show, insisting that the show is getting better.

# 4 | Peaky Blinders – 93%

The Peaky Blinders revolve around the small gang of the same name that runs the streets of Birmingham in the aftermath of the Great War. this shows boast a better return on investment like no other. As soon as you grow to love the characters, the writers don’t waste any time in putting them in danger. This show also boasts well-written, strong female characters and an unblinking look at the damage that the war has done to the young men of Britain.

# 3 | Top Boy – 95%

Top Boy‘s first series used to broadcast on Channel 4 over four consecutive nights from October 31 to November 3, 2011. Then, a second season aired on the same channel from August 2013. Although the team behind the show proposed storylines for a third season, Channel 4 had already dropped them in 2014. Due to celebrity superfan Drake, Netflix revived the series and ordered a new season of ten episodes after an announcement in November 2017.

# 2 | Elite97%

Elite follows the lives of several students as they attend Las Encinas, an exclusive private school in Spain. Their lives grow even more complicated when one of their fellow classmates becomes a victim of murder. It has a How To Get Away With Murder structure that jumps back and forth between present-day and flashbacks. Of course, this kind of structure makes the viewers want to try and piece the overarching mystery together as much as they can.

We have a tie for our number one pick as both garnered a 98% from Rotten Tomatoes.

# 1 | Mindhunter – 98%

Based on two real-life FBI agents who toured 70s America interviewing some of the country’s most disturbed and violent real-life psychopaths, Mindhunter brings their story to life. Along with fascinating insight into how the Federal Bureau of Investigation had to relearn everything they knew about catching serial killers – a term that didn’t even exist as the show begins. Rotten Tomatoes have praised the show with a high rating for its ability to distinguish “itself in a crowded genre with ambitiously cinematic visuals and meticulous attention to character development.”

# 1 | Unbelievable – 98%

The eight-episode limited series Unbelievable tells the incredible true story of a young woman who told the police that someone had raped her. However, they didn’t believe and told her that she wasn’t. Two female detectives entered the picture and helped her put the pieces of her shattered life back together.

The young woman aka Marie endured cyclical trauma throughout childhood and then, from a legal system that was supposed to protect her. Rotten Tomatoes describes the show as “Heartbreaking and powerful, Unbelievable transcends familiar true-crime beats by shifting its gaze to survivors of abuse, telling their stories with grace and gravity.”

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