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Why is My Printed Books Collection My Best Investment in Life?

Why is My Printed Books Collection My Best Investment in Life?

As of writing this article, I am 21 years old. I’m unemployed, but I’m still studying in college. Naturally, as a non-earning individual, I am in no way capable of picking money from my own pocket. Thus, I don’t have that many investments in life – except for the books I’ve started collecting since high school. So it is true that I’m bold to claim that “books are my best investment in life,” when, in fact, it’s the only investment I have. But, despite this, let me share my defense as to why I believe collecting printed books were my best investment in life.

Here are my reasons as to why I think printed books are my best investment in life:

Carrying knowledge in the palm of your hands

Though this does not speak of printed books alone, in general, books carry the essential knowledge we need in all life aspects. Delving into the world of books means diving into the world of growth. Book reading serves as a doorway to unknown places and an introduction to new concepts. This gives us a wider perspective beyond our own perceptions. Therefore, being able to own, read, and carry books alone is already rewarding enough to anyone who possesses it.

Having to physically experience flipping through the pages

Besides allowing your imagination to wander off into places, printed books also allow us to make use of our other senses like touch and smell. I know it sounds weird but smelling the scent of new books and physically touching its pages are among the many guilty pleasures of many bookworms. I for one am guilty of such. Perhaps it’s because of the calming sensation it provides as I find the scent of new books similar to the smell of freshly cut grass or newly printed newspaper. It’s basically addictive.

You get to read without the eyestrain

Woe is our eyes when we are overly exposed to the glaring lights of our phones, tablets, laptops, or computer screens. And honestly, with some of us still in online learning mode, wouldn’t giving ourselves a break from technology be a nice thing? Therefore, I urge you to enter the benefit of reading printed books.

For some ebook readers, suffering from the eye strain of the glare of their screens is a constant experience for them. This is in contrast with printed book readers who just have to sit back and relax while reading. So if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing reading experience then printed books are your best bet.

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Getting to keep mementos of your finished reads

Last but not least on the list is having the opportunity to keep mementos of your finished reads. I don’t know about you, but if you’re a sentimental person like me, keeping mementos means a lot. This is especially true when finishing a good old lengthy book of your preference. The feeling is synonymous with having to keep a trophy or a medal you’ve won from hard-earned labor. So, generally speaking, collecting books brings a somewhat rewarding feeling to its readers as it reminds them of their labor.

In summary, investing in a good number of physical books has become one of my most rewarding decisions in life. Although this investment is not similar to others as its payoff doesn’t reward its readers with money, for me, the opportunity to learn new things that a good book can provide is rewarding enough in itself. Even more, with my printed book collection, I am able to pass on the knowledge I can acquire from books to future generations. So, it’s always a win-win situation!

Aiming to start your own book collection as your newest addition to your life investments? Try considering collecting printed books today, and share with us your thoughts!

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