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Carla Abellana admits to regretting marrying Tom Rodriguez

Carla Abellana admits to regretting marrying Tom Rodriguez

One of the biggest heartbreaks of last year was the shocking split between notable stars Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez. Just recently, in turn, the actress got candid as she reminisced about the failed marriage.

Photo from Carla Abellana’s Instagram page (@carlaangeline)

Before everything, just to give context, the former couple married on October 23 at San Juan Nepomuceno Parish Church in Batangas. Tom and Carla were first rumored to have a falling out in January last year when they appeared to have severed ties on social media.

In a statement released in June 2022, Rodriguez said his “divorce” from Abellana had been finalized.

Carla was asked if she ever regrets getting married as part of a lie-detector challenge for Bea Alonzo’s vlog. She answered,

“Hindi pa ako natatanong niyan… Lagi kong nire-ready ‘yung sarili ko sa question na iyan na wala pa namang nagtatanong tapos hindi ko rin naman alam ang isasagot ko.”

Interestingly, after seemingly doubting if she could answer the controversial question, she answered, “Siyempre gusto ko sabihing ‘no’ kasi kahit papaano, from ‘yun bang kung paano tayo pinalaki sa kultura natin, dahil Catholic din ako, parang no regrets dapat kasi part ‘yun ng plan ni God.”

However, despite this as she tried to remove all the factors she has stated, she confessed, “Honestly, kung si Carla, tanggalin mo lahat ng ‘yun, yes talagang nagsisisi ako. Kasi honestly, hindi ko pa alam kung yes or no. The rational self will justify that’s why ‘yes’ ‘yung truth.”

The million dollar question, one that everyone wonders the answer to, she was asked if she would ever get back together with Rodriguez. Surprisingly but really also very reasonable, again, she answered, “No.”

In the same interview, Carla mentioned that she actually believes in second chances “but not fifth, sixth, seventh, eight” and so forth.

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“Everybody deserves a second or even a third chance. Kaya nga chance eh. There has to be change. Hindi pwedeng paulit-ulit.”

Carla Abellana on giving chances.

Despite everything, the renowned actress recognizes that the challenges she experienced in her past relationship have slowly molded her into a stronger person. She said,

“Honestly nasa process pa ako of changing. I wouldn’t say I’m already a changed person pero I can definitely see changes na unti-unti pa lang nangyayari.”

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