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Breaking down aespa’s look: K-Pop’s futuristic fashion trend

Breaking down aespa’s look: K-Pop’s futuristic fashion trend

KARINA, GISELLE, WINTER, and NINGNING from the SM Entertainment’s metaverse girl group, aespa, rock the music industry since their debut in November 2020. The group’s distinctive aesthetic and ground-breaking music amassed a significant fan base, but their fashion and beauty sense are just as impressive!

aespa’s iconic futuristic and edgy fashion style

aespa’s sense of style fusions a futuristic, edgy, and elegant characteristics that go well with their idea of a virtual world experience (SM’s concept: Kwangya). In their concept photos and stage performances, the group’s clothes frequently include leather and metallic fabrics, vivid colors, and elaborate accents like buckles and studs. They also show their recognizable long funky nails!

aespa is also renowned for their bold and adventurous wardrobe choices, frequently going against the grain of conventional K-Pop trends. The futuristic clothes worn by the group, which featured elements like metal chains and high-tech materials, helped to develop aespa’s visual identity. aespa’s recognizable futuristic and edgy sense of style displays their willingness to take chances and challenge conventional K-Pop fashion norms.

aespa’s innovative hair and makeup

The group frequently exhibits edgy eye makeup, including winged eyeliner and bright eyeshadow hues. Also, they use metallic and glittering cosmetic elements to further enhance their glitzy, futuristic appearance. While jewelries give subtle assertive touch you can add to your appearance, aespa seem to enjoy decorating their hair with unique details as well.

Each member of the group contributes their own distinctive flare to the group’s overall appearance. Their hair and makeup choices also represent their strong and adventurous persona. In their music video for “Next Level,” aespa showcased one of their most avant-garde makeup looks that everyone should try!

The trend of #aespacore

aespa’s particular fashion and beauty aesthetics leaves a significant influence on global fashion trends. They introduced the sophisticated and exciting fashion to casual K-Pop, despite the market being long-filled with futuristic fashion products. This includes futuristic looks, oversized apparel, clunky footwear, and edgy accessories. All of which may be linked to aespa.

At the same time, the distinctive and edgy fashion sense of the group also greatly influenced their fans, motivating many of them to use similar features in their own personal styles. This encouraged fans to take chances and push the limits of conventional fashion by the group’s fashion decisions. Which helped aespa to establish themselves as trendsetters in the industry!

aespa’s individual aesthetics

Each member’s own personal style, together with the aespa trends mentioned above, adds to the group’s overall dynamics. The four of them nonetheless radiate different vibes despite the girls’ revelation that they frequently share clothing in their dorm!

KARINA is heavily influenced by the French Girl style trend, which comprises mostly textured clothing and patterned motifs. Chic and attractive are words that may be used to define not just her personality, but also her style.

GISELLE is all about having fun and feeling at ease. GISELLE explains in their “24 Hours with aespa” video with Vogue that she does not “have one type of dress,” but her staples do have one thing in common: Hip-Hop! 

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WINTER characterized her style as “simple, dandy, and natural” in an interview with ViVi magazine. It’s clear from the clothing photos she posts on their accounts. She mentioned that prefer clothing that is both comfy and fashionable.

NINGNING’s style contains parts of the Girl Next Door look. But she gives it fresh life by adding her own distinctive touch. Her stylish and incredible fashion sense exactly complements her personality!

With their inventive music and distinctive approach, aespa is not only creating waves in the K-Pop scene; they are also influencing global trends in beauty and design.

The group’s futuristic fashion choices, innovative hair and makeup looks, and futuristic aesthetic have earned them a legion of fans. Their uniqueness also helped to establish them as one of the most exciting groups in K-Pop of this generation! 

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