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Korean Pop Started These Fashion Trends

Korean Pop Started These Fashion Trends

Aside from catchy songs, South Korean mainstream pop music also connects the world in fashion. Idols are endorsing high-end brands, and K-pop styles in clothing and makeup are successful inside and outside the genre. 

There are items that you might not have known that started in K-pop or were influenced by your favorite Korean idols. From trends, you can see how the genre made its way into fashion and how much it evolved through generations of music. 

Tennis Skirt

Typically, tennis skirts have built-in shorts for coverage since it is used for playing tennis. Tennis skirts have pleats or small multiple folds. It became a staple in girl groups, especially with rookie styles. In 2013, f(x) started the trend of wearing tennis skirts, for their Rum Pum Pum Pum music video and promotions.

Photo: SBS Inkigayo

Two-piece or matching sets

Whether it’s a suit or an athleisure outfit, it’s always a matching set for Korean fashion. It gives off a simple yet stylish appearance. It is usually a coordinate or matching set including a crop top, cardigan, and pants or skirts.


Korean style is known to have neutral and peachy makeup to see-through bangs. Before all the new Korean pop groups today, the fashion world of their music is already in love with different bangs. There are side bangs, see-through bangs, curtain bangs, and choppy bangs. For Koreans, it is a trend among artists that want to hide their foreheads or likes to look younger. 

Colored skinny jeans 

Girls’ generation broke records with their Gee song as well as their colored skinny jeans in its music video. It started with each member having different colors of jeans, and it became a trend in fashion. The jeans usually have bright colors and should be fitted to look like mannequins.

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Another fashion statement from the music industry of Korean pop is the sharp and dark-colored eyeliners. Most of the eyeliner icons came from YG Entertainment, showing their strong presence and bold personality in music.

School Uniforms

School uniform outfit is popular with female artists, it shows a great concept for performances related to young people training for years to be Korean idols. It started from one of the earliest groups in Korean pop, Fin.K.L. They had white polos, black clothing layers, and red with black ties.

Korean pop is not just about music, its influence is massive and is still growing worldwide. 

What’s your favorite K-pop fashion trend? 

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