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Best Little Mix Anthems for Empowerment and Girl Power

Best Little Mix Anthems for Empowerment and Girl Power

Little Mix is known for their powerful vocals, choreographies, striking live performances, and of course, their great representation of women. More than being indisputable vocal queens, Little Mix undoubtedly creates the baddest and most empowering anthems for women. 

In almost every album, the group never fails to make a song that empowers women. They create songs about self-love, exes, giving up, and most importantly, rising above every struggle. At this point, Little Mix is basically the symbol of women empowerment and girl power. So, if you feel down and need a nudge to strut your stuff, listen to these anthems of girl power! 

Best Little Mix Anthems for Empowerment and Girl Power


In 2012, Little Mix released their debut album, DNA, with Wings as its opening track. Even in the beginning, you could already tell how this special group of girls would become the symbol of women empowerment. Wings is a powerful and impactful song that literally talks about not letting anyone pull you down. This song encourages and reminds us to spread our wings and fly, to be free, and to believe in yourself. The next time you feel pulled down by others, remember to spread your wings and fly!

Change Your Life

From the same album, ‘Change Your Life’ is the first song that Little Mix composed together as a group. The song speaks strongly about self-love, empowerment, overcoming struggles, and moving on in life. ‘Change Your Life’ captures the essence of our struggles in discovering self-love and in becoming our best self. This track reminds us that all of us struggle and how it doesn’t define who we are. Struggles are only obstacles and not a life sentence. It encourages us that it’s never too late to turn our life around.

Little Me

In 2013, Little Mix released their second album, Salute. Little Mix never fails to heal and empower us with their music every time. Little Me, a soulful and heartwarming song, speaks to our inner child, a child who is belittled, underestimated, and unappreciated. It’s a song that heals and comforts our inner child that was humiliated and silenced by the world. From the title, Little Me, it’s a message for our younger self to take their space in the world. This song encourages us that wherever we are and whoever we are, we can be anything we want to be. 

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This title track brought us the iconic lines—‘you think we’re just pretty things, you couldn’t be more wrong’. Little Mix’s ‘Salute’ yells women empowerment like no other, breaking the ‘pretty and fragile’ stereotype of women. This song demonstrates the anthem-like vibe women need to show their power to the world. It conveys how women are capable of taking care of themselves. ‘Salute’ began the long list of Little Mix songs that reminds women they don’t need no man. There’s seriously no better song to hype you to go out in the world and conquer it than Little Mix’s Salute. 

Shout Out to My Ex

In 2016, Little Mix headlined the music charts once again with their song ‘Shout Out to My Ex.’ Apparently, there’s no better demonstration of girl power than calling out your ex. Past lovers and exes aside, ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ is a powerful song that speaks about moving forward and moving on after a bad breakup. This song shows even bad breakups shouldn’t stop you from reaching higher and become your best self. ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ empowers women to look back on their past heartaches as lessons learned. 

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