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Stan Twitter’s Next Generation of the Main Pop Girls

Stan Twitter’s Next Generation of the Main Pop Girls

Stan Twitter

Twitter has become a platform for many various fan bases and supporters of artists. These supporters have been called as Stan Twitter, which consists mostly of anonymous accounts. They constantly defend their favorite artists on their accounts and boy, it does get aggressive. Especially when they are engaging in a war with other fandoms.

From Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and other main pop girlies, stan twitter would fight for them. But currently there is a new wave of female artists who are ready to dominate the industry. Which made the upsurge of more fan bases on Stan Twitter.

So, here are the female artists that the Stan Twitter considers to be the next generation of the main pop girlies:

Dua Lipa

Following the huge success of Future Nostalgia, she has really cemented her status in the industry. She even won the award for Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards with her sophomore album. We can’t deny her impact as she was one of the female artists who gave us hits after hits even during the pandemic. 

Olivia Rodrigo

She debuted her solo album Sour on 2021 and it was a commercial success. She won three Grammy Awards for it, including Best New Artist. Her songs really expressed how gifted she is in terms of songwriting and singing. She possesses the teen angst vibe and at the same time she shows the maturity in her emotions. Making everyone stan her as an artist.

Sabrina Carpenter

Her latest album Emails I Can’t Send really showed her knack of being a pop girl. This fifth album of hers is a collection of post-breakup reflections, which made many relate to her. Also, her latest hit “Nonsense” surely was a bop, especially for Stan Twitter.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat has proven that she isn’t your typical pop star, especially since her success with her viral single Mooo!. This pop star also shows range in her talent as she can sing, rap, and perform live really well. In addition, we can’t deny the positive reception of the general public of her album Planet Her.

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She debuted with her successful album CTRL in 2017. Later on, she waited five years to release her sophomore album SOS. This gained her huge success, even achieving her first No. 1 album with it. Her Pop and R&B genre really hooks her stans to love her even more.

Ice Spice

A new name in the industry. But slowly, her talent shows that she deserves to be on the next generation of stars. Even with being less than a year in the industry, she was invited to the MET Gala. Her collaboration with PinkPantheress titled Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2 even became a smash hit. Currently, she is gaining traction and attention from Stan Twitter, proving that her fan base would soon be established.

Did we miss your main pop girl? Do you agree with this list? Let us know!

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