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BABY BOY, BABY GIRL: A mini movie review

BABY BOY, BABY GIRL: A mini movie review

Admittedly, it’s hard to make money these days. And, many people turn to sugar dating for a more laid-back approach to making money. Due to the increasing pressures of inflation, debts, and high cost of living, it’s easy to say that being a sugar baby has definitely become one of the choices people make. At least that’s what I got from watching the trailer for the movie Baby Boy, Baby Girl.

Starring Kylie Verzosa and Marco Gumabao, Baby Boy, Baby Girl sets to explain the reasoning behind every sugar baby’s decision to involve themselves in said companionship. As we look more at today’s time, sugar dating has become a lot less informal. Although there is still a debate surrounding sugaring, a lot of platforms have made it easier to access sugaring relationships.

BABY BOY, BABY GIRL: A mini movie review

The premiere night for Baby Boy, Baby Girl happened last Tuesday, March 21 with actors, actresses, influencers, and content creators gracing the event with their presence. The movie explains the pros and cons of sugar dating which has started to become a more laid-back approach when it comes to making money.

The acting and the story

As I watch Baby Boy, Baby Girl, I really want to applaud Kylie’s acting as it definitely improved over time. She utilizes her signature Miss International walk to lure people in. And, the movie definitely shone a light on how good she is at acting pabebe. Even when her character has an edgy personality that juxtaposes her doe eyes.

I also noticed how Director Jason Paul Laxamana emphasized the acting through the eyes of our two stars, Kylie and Marco. Anyone can see the admiration, the desire, the hesitation, and so many emotions that their characters want to express but can’t. The highlight of their emotions through their eyes accents the emotional connection that the movie repetitively pointed out.

Sure, the premise was a little bit controversial as it discusses sugar dating. However, Baby Boy, Baby Girl executes the history between two exes quite wonderfully. Viewers will definitely see the vagueness behind their words, the hesitation in every action, and the resentment that Kylie’s character definitely has for Marco’s.

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Aside from resentment, you can also see the desperation and the heartbreak, even when she doesn’t want to express it through her words. Kylie’s acting spotlights the cons of keeping it all to yourself and being too busy, especially when you’re in a relationship. Not only will you lose time with your partner, but you will also lose attention and emotional connection.

The cinematography

The cinematography was also tastefully curated. The color palette in every scene works with the story. Pinks and purples are used during party scenes. But, you can see hints of browns and yellows for warmth. Then, you can even see small specks of blue tints during sad and cold scenes, particularly during confrontational ones.

Kylie’s character had the Y2K fashion style that looks perfect for her sugar baby character. She utilizes pink, purple, yellow, and vivid hues to enact both innocence and provocativeness. The hairpins were perfect, the cutout dresses and the mini handbags were must-haves, and the stilettos were a nice addition.

Overall, Baby Boy, Baby Girl was definitely a must-watch. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will definitely learn more about the world of sugar babies. So, what are you waiting for? Baby Boy, Baby Girl is now out in cinemas! Happy watching!

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