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Valorant Series: Getting out of Bronze Elo

Valorant Series: Getting out of Bronze Elo

Valorant Series — If you took time to click this, chances are you’re stuck in the abyss of Bronze elo. As a Radiant #250 peak, I have some valuable tips that will surely help you climb out of bronze and finally be the God silver player you’ve always dreamt.

How to get out of bronze and iron in Valorant – Matchpoint

Warm-up to Get Ahead

Always warm up before playing competitive matches. You can use an aim training app or you can just straight up in Valorant’s practice mode/Deathmatch. Try using sheriff and develop the discipline to only fire the trigger when the crosshair is on the bot’s head. This will take time but this training will help you a lot.

If you developed discipline, being in the middle of gunfight won’t make you anxious anymore.

Don’t Let Bad Aim Hold You Back

Of course, aim is essential in Valorant. However, in your current elo, hitting headshots isn’t that important. As long as you are calm and you are hitting your shots, you’ll eventually rank up and be a better player.

Although, don’t make this a mindset for it won’t get you too far. We all have off days but don’t make “off-day” an excuse for everyday whiffing.

Game Sense Is the Key

Game sense is something you will develop by playing too much. Sooner or later, as long as you play a lot or if you will study the game further, you will understand the game’s mechanics, opponent’s movements and maps.

A game changer in bronze elo is to try and listen attentively to sound cues, these will make a big difference on the way you play the game.

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Communication Isn’t always the Key

To be honest, Communication is vital in Valorant.

However, communication sometimes become the source of your tilt and this ends up you throwing the whole game. What you can do is to try to communicate positively on team picking, and when no one wants to speak, don’t get tilted when your team has no comms.

Remember that with or without comms, your playstyle will be the one that will define your win in Bronze elo.

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