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A theme park in Japan can make your video game fantasies come true

A theme park in Japan can make your video game fantasies come true

When you talk about famous old school video games, Super Mario surely makes it to the top list. Nintendo is bringing back the nostalgia by whole another level. Together with Universal Studios Japan, it is launching a theme park that looks like a real-life Mario game!

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What can you expect from the Super Nintendo World?

According to the source, Universal Japan’s Super Nintendo World theme park looks unbelievably good. The recorded footage from Theme Park Shark shows the attraction is packed with so many details. The whole setup is allegedly authentic-looking, like something right out of the Super Mario World 3D Wii U era. Also, it includes spinning coins, koopas, piranha plants, goombas, power-up blocks just like the game.

Photo from Klook

The layout isn’t just simulating a game level, though: It’s an actual video game environment. Super Nintendo World will have interactive snap-on wristbands that link up to a Switch game. Visitors can unlock rewards and other content as they play real-life mini-games at the park.  They also will be able to use a Mario-themed wristband called the “Power Up Band” in combination with a smartphone app to track your activities while in the Nintendo-themed land.

Super Nintendo World will also have two rides including Super Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventures. Universal Parks and Resorts CEO Tom Williams described it last year as a whole new separate area of the park and the entire premise is going to be interactive.  Aside from the rides, they will also sell foods and merchandise inside the theme park.

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Photo from Klook

However, we still don’t know when this theme park will open because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Universal Studios Japan is back on operations last June but they are still cautious regarding health and safety. Since leisure travels are still forbidden, there’s enough time to save up for these new tourist destinations.

Want to explore the Super Mario theme park in the future?

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