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5 Reasons why Kieta Hatsukoi is that Japanese BL

5 Reasons why Kieta Hatsukoi is that Japanese BL

From quirky dialogues to relatable characters, Kieta Hatsukoi (My Love Mix-Up!) is your next favorite boys love television series. Aired October of 2021, the Japanese drama took viewers’ hearts with its comedic ingenuity. Secret crushes, mixed signals and gay panics, name it, this BL series has it all.

Forging a cute storyline of pure gender questioning romance, this drama quickly became a staple among BL goers. Everything is just dazzling through its youthful school setting and production. Fond of classroom romance? Let me share you some points to kick-off that binge journey:

5 Reasons why Kieta Hatsukoi is that Japanese BL

Rom-com at its finest

The episode I can attest surely from the series is that role-playing one. Clever enough to promote a detour, the classic heterosexual representation of the fairytale has never been this fun. Nothing has ever come near Shinderella in being the most entertaining gimmick happened in Japanese television.

The element of comedy really sets apart Kieta Hatsukoi to most boys love series, it just works so well for plot delivery. The character’s miscommunication, subtle emotions, and predicaments are all notable. This series is for the fluff-storyline enjoyers that wants to be uplifted after single episode, take that with a grain of salt.

Photo | Kieta Hatsukoi (TV Asahi)

Head pat

The graphic novel from which the adaptation comes from has quite the stable fanbase. Well, guess what they are most anticipated about. Yup, it is Ida’s cheesy love gesture. The marvelous pat on the head of Michieda’s character, Aoki, has everyone lose their sanity.

You can never go wrong with a romantic scene having the leads doing their love language. In My Love Mix-Up!, that’s the money part. Watching, you can really feel when it’s going to happen, and when it does, when that bare hand lands on, everything comes crashing down.

Photo | Kieta Hatsukoi (TV Asahi)

Confused gays

Depicted off the counterpart of the drama, it is ever obvious that the characters are finding their gender identity. Through out the series, we can all witness how Ren’s character, Ida, answers his curiosity in exploring various feelings. Whether it is for Aoki or to his own debacle, the tables are all turned as how openly adventurous the BL is.

Flabbergasted as to the soaked pull-over shirt, the living room scene is a total mess to go through. As the abdominal muscles flash the screen, fans embarks on a splendid chaos of what else is next. The hopeless romantic lens has truly encapsulated all of not-so-confident gay agenda from the series. Who wouldn’t baffled, right?

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Photo | Kieta Hatsukoi (TV Asahi)

Undeniable Chemistry

This BL TV series knows are soft spots, indeed, the growth of Aoki and Ida is a product of impeccable casting. Sweet on demeanor, our uke is really not that of a needy teenager. The balance that the characters has on each sequences serves nice intentions, a very thing that is magical of the drama.

Near the ending part of the last episode, we can all see that an impact of emotions is settling through the actors’ eyes. Synergy so organic, Kieta Hatsukoi is a straightaway boys love perfection. A masterpiece of narration that is endear to never be replaced ever.

Photo | Kieta Hatsukoi (TV Asahi)

The Series’ OSTs

Michieda and Ren are idol-actors, both gifts who always giving. Talents of which resulted their soundtracks to be sang by their respected boy groups. A bright theme song filled with jolly lyrics, UBU LOVE of Naniwa Danshi screams nothing but pink supremacy. Moreover, Snow Man’s Secret Touch is a classy single that pleases ears and minds with rhythm and blues.

Performed by the series’ actors, both tracks showcases their band’s charms. I mean, a bunch of brilliant singers, who wouldn’t fold? Come on, having a BL drama to fantasize over, these OSTs are a plus!

Photo | Kieta Hatsukoi (TV Asahi)

Gushing over new TV series to watch? Japanese boys’ love might be your next past-time company. With various genres you can choose from, there is nothing else to second thought about.

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