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My most favorite Coming-of-age Soundtracks

My most favorite Coming-of-age Soundtracks

Films, personally, plays a part on embarking audiences with an impactful message. As significant as storytelling that transcends through screen, motion pictures are laced of songs for better resonance. Throughout the running time, this cinematic element sets the mood that overwhelms viewers.

Reassuring or elusive it might be, film soundtracks makes the best out of the whole movie experience. Especially on adaptations, a great exposition of music is what catapults justice to the format. Movie-goer or not, let me share you a humble list of tracks from my personal favorite genre on cinema:

My most favorite Coming-of-age Soundtracks


Perhaps, David Bowie’s Heroes defined the full narrative of 2012 film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Imperative on its lyrics, the track’s remastered version expounds the spectrum of thematical factors that were in the movie. With Emma Watson’s iconic tunnel scene, this soundtrack engulfs viewers with an atmosphere too erratic to self-inference.

The song attest what it is to deem things as passed, even though it is still very much real. A scene of which will then become a distant memory of oneself, only to be evident through photos. But, to avail its pure beauty, being a moment happening on the current time. Quiet terrific concept to gauge, isn’t it? Indeed, an interesting choice of score for characters as they bid youthhood.


Opening the film with a sequence of Nick Robinson and Katherine Langford’s characters, Rollercoaster by Bleachers brings Love, Simon from screen to life. Hinting of thrill to what the film is all about, the closeted Simon has, definitely, a rollercoaster of story to tell.

Establishing the forefronts of the movie, the soundtrack raised the adaptation in full-swing. With top notch production from John Antonoff, the song sums up the magnetic romance between the love interest and protagonist. From of which both representative of minority, playing as part of the people of SOGIE.

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Electric Love

Witty in a glam look, Alex Lawther’s character, Billy Bloom astounds viewers on 2017 film, Freak Show. Waving on a giant green stiletto-shaped arc, Børns’ Electric Love is playing on the background. Expressing the freedom of the film’s persona as gender obliviate-r, the track just fits the angst of amplifying non-conformity.

Running as the first non-cis female candidate for homecoming, in representation of the queer community in the campus, Billy Bloom is equipped of snaps and slay power. Likewise of the soundtrack, the statement of the film takes place on the quirky direction. Even though some nitpicks are made from here and there, the movie holds it grip to be well-framed of the gay-high-school-extravaganza.

For me, soundtracks greatly aids the film experience. In regards to coming-of-age adaptations, a good music is what feeds the soul, they say. Have any songs that reminds you of a certain scene from a movie?

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