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5 Reasons to Watch Do Kyung-Soo’s Bad Prosecutor

5 Reasons to Watch Do Kyung-Soo’s Bad Prosecutor

Bad Prosecutor is a South Korean drama starring EXO’s Doh Kyung-Soo and Lee Se-hee. The plot follows a prosecutor who uses expediency and trickery to prosecute corrupt authorities and criminals effectively. Doh Kyung-Soo’s character, Jīn Jung, frequently breaks the law to reveal the wrongdoing of the wealthy and powerful. 

After twelve episodes, Bad Prosecutor ended on November 10, 2022. According to Nielsen, the series returned to its all-time high of 6.3 percent for its finale, successfully wrapping up its run with a perfect streak as the most-watched Wednesday-Thursday drama of the night. The drama’s excellent viewership numbers speak to its quality. Hence, if you haven’t watched Bad Prosecutor yet, we have provided five reasons below to convince you to do so.

5 Reasons to Watch Do Kyung-Soo’s Bad Prosecutor

1. Rather than a legal drama, it’s a vigilante action-drama with the protagonist’s crazy antics

Instead of focusing solely on the courtroom and the number of cases like other legal K-dramas, this show keeps viewers interested by showing them the lengths Jin Jung would go to outwit his adversaries. Moreover, the drama also shows Jin Jung’s chaotic and crazy personality. We rarely encounter a protagonist who defies the law with crazy antics and uses a wooden kendo sword to punish criminals more than they deserve. 

 2. Doh Kyung-Soo Himself


People often watch K-dramas because of their male and female lead. Well, Bad Prosecutor has Do Kyung-Soo as its main character. He is one of the top idols turned actors that received numerous awards in his acting and idol career. It just shows how versatile Kyung-Soo is. Bad Prosecutor is also his first K-Drama comeback after a 4-year hiatus in the acting industry and after returning from the military. 

Furthermore, Do Kyung-Soo perfectly fits Jin Jung’s character, and his versatility speaks for itself. Kyung-Soo’s flawless portrayal will have you wait for the next episode; good thing it’s already finished. His comedic timing, facial expression (a sleep-deprived and uninterested look), and line delivery are all top-notch.

3. Jīn Jung’s Support Team and Supervisor Park Jae Kyung

Jin Jung’s team includes his ever-faithful right hand, Lee Chul Ki, as well as the fierce Eunji and hacker slash detective Joong Do. Their flawless yet chaotic teamwork adds flavor to the drama. These three supporting characters are also responsible for the drama’s comedic vibe. Since Prosecutor Jin Jung has established unconventional methods for catching criminals, he asks for help from them. 

A chaotic duo is also made whenever Jin Jung and his superior, Park Jae Kyung, argue. Their changing dynamic is fascinating to watch. Even the appearance of an adorable puppy named Coco is guaranteed to make viewers smile.

4. The Chemistry of Prosecutor Jīn Jung and Senior Prosecutor Shin A-ra


Shin A-ra is the senior prosecutor who supervises Jin Jung. She grew tired of Jin Jung’s shenanigans. “How did someone like you become a prosecutor?” but later on, she learns that sometimes the only way to expose corruption and injustice is to break the law and fight evil with evil. She eventually joined and teamed with Jin Jung to catch criminals. Their chemistry is so unique that they don’t need to be touchy or have a sweet moment together to show it on screen. The one-of-a-kind pairing truly adds flavor to the drama.

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5. A single murder case that ends up revealing everything


Since we have already given away some spoilers, we will add this as another solid reason to check out “Bad Prosecutor.”

Some legal dramas dealt with so many cases at once that it was difficult to keep track of what was happening. But in Bad Prosecutor, the protagonists work solely on a single murder case. Just that sets “Bad Prosecutor” apart from the others.

While the murder case Jin Jung is working on seems like a no-brainer at first glance, given the established evidence, the more he investigates, the more he discovers what lies beyond the case itself. The further Jung and his team investigate the murder case, the more evidence of corruption and evil they find.

If you want to watch an entertaining legal drama, then Bad Prosecutor is the show for you. Drama, action, comedy, and even legal undertones in one. Bad Prosecutor also benefits from break-the-mold and engaging characters. But no matter how unlikely it is that a prosecutor would behave in such a bizarre manner in real life, at the very least, this won’t be a boring legal drama. Watch it now! 

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