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EXO-LOVE: EXO songs dedicated to their fans

EXO-LOVE: EXO songs dedicated to their fans

You might be missing EXO’s comeback and concerts as the K-Pop boy group has been inactive for some time now. They do not have a schedule and performances as a group. They focus on their individual activities while some members are serving in the military.

While waiting for the Nation’s Pick’s presence as OT9, here are some of the EXO songs dedicated to their fans, EXO-Ls:


Lucky, from EXO’s first album Growl is a pop song that gives good energy you can jump to. In the track, EXO expresses their happiness by having EXO-Ls on their side. They felt lucky that they received love from people around them.

“So lucky to have you. So lucky to be your love.”

The song also includes the group’s sincerity towards their fandom that supports in everything they do. From attending shows, and concerts, organizing events, and giving energy to the members. They become each other’s support system that helps them to keep going.


From the third repackage album Ex’Act, Stronger is a piano ballad song that talks about the reason why EXO is strong.

“Every time I doubt, every time I lose. You made me grow this much.”

The song’s lyrics explain how EXO-L becomes the group’s strength during difficult times. Whatever they faced, the fans did not leave their side. Instead, they help the group to stand again and become stronger.


Promise is a track in EXO’s LOVE ME RIGHT – The 2nd Album Repackage. It is a ballad and mid-tempo song which many fans and the members themselves became emotional listening to this.

“You always waited for me at that spot. You embraced me with your arms, so thankful to you.”

EXO wrote this song as a commitment and as a gift to their fans. They are grateful that their fandom always waits for them at the same spot. Hence, they pledge to make EXO-L happy and love them just as much as EXO-L does EXO in return.


Wait from the fifth repackage album, Love Shot is an acoustic song that presents the good harmony of the members. The song reminisces all the memories they have together with EXO-Ls. While doing that, all they do is wait.

“Why do I miss you so much more today? I hesitantly looked through memories of you.”

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This line symbolizes remembering the fans and missing them so much as time passed by. As well as looking back on the things they did with each other’s presence. But now, the roles switched, and all the fans can do is wait for EXO to come back.

For Life

From their special winter album, For Life tackles the never-ending love they have for EXO-L. This song is so warm and beautiful that you can get sentimental singing to it.

“I’ll be by your side, for life.”

The lyrics itself speak about their unwavering love for one another. Their willingness to spend lifelong commitment and provide mutual protection. They will remain by one another’s side forever.

Photo Credits: Oh Sehun

EXO proved that the time EXO-Ls spent waiting on them will definitely become worth it. They will always be together in this lifetime as they do things hand in hand. No one will be left behind just like the EXO’S slogan, we are one! and EXO is nine!

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