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4 Modern Movies Featuring Epic Casino and Gambling Scenes

4 Modern Movies Featuring Epic Casino and Gambling Scenes

Alot of the time, movies don’t need to be realistic in order to be entertaining. In fact that lack of realism is what can make them so entertaining. That being said, it’s often the case. When it comes to different activities that we already know, fans expect them to have an element of realism. This can be seen quite frequently within the world of gambling and casino scenes. People who are a fan of the likes of roulette, poker and blackjack expect to see an accurate representation of what they enjoy on the big screen. With this in mind, this article is going to talk in a lot more detail about some of the most epic casino and gambling scenes in modern movies. 

Casino Royale 

Anyone who is a fan of online gambling or gambling in general will be able to tell you that it can get tense from time to time. It can be like this in a physical casino or online, thanks to sites like It offers video poker and a variety of other games. This means that the setting of an actual casino can be replicated pretty effectively. As such, when people watch gambling on the big screen, they expect to see this same kind of tension replicated. And, that’s what Casino Royale does so well. The whole realm of a casino and a high-stakes poker match is captured incredibly well in this. Both characters are locking eyes and playing the best game possible. 

Rain Man 

The actual movie of Rain Man doesn’t center around the casino in the same way that Casino Royale does. But, it certainly has one of the most exciting scenes. The movie involves Tom Cruise and his brother, who is played by Dustin Hoffman. They both need to come together and try to rebuild their relationship following the passing of their father. Tom Cruise’s character decides at the beginning of the film to try and settle outstanding debts he has in a game of blackjack. This isn’t advised in real life, but it makes for an entertaining watch on the silver screen. He looks to his brother Dustin Hoffman for help during this because he is particularly good with numbers. 

The Hangover 

It’s a hilarious movie that features a group of friends who spend a night in Vegas and then can’t remember anything. They try and retrace their night out and in doing so, realize they have stolen poker chips from a casino that they need to get back. There is a large scene involving counting cards which is incredibly fun to watch. 

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Ocean’s Eleven

Finally, what kind of list of casino movies would this be if Ocean’s Eleven wasn’t on it? The whole storyline revolves around the ins and outs of a casino. It has a star-studded cast planning the crime of the century in order to pull off an elaborate heist and reap the rewards as a result. 

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