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These Influencers Call Out The Young Generation: Investing in Education Through the Power of Music

These Influencers Call Out The Young Generation: Investing in Education Through the Power of Music

Influence is no small matter in our digitally interconnected world. When one’s every word and action can reach millions within a matter of seconds, it’s undeniable that being an influencer brings great responsibility. This power has been harnessed by a group of talented TikTok influencers. Through their music video content, they are advocating for the younger generation to invest in their education.

John Roa

The stage is set by John Roa (, a renowned Filipino rapper, singer, and songwriter. He rose to fame with his debut single “Dalaga” in 2018. It proves that he’s more than just a blip on the Philippine hip-hop scene. Today, he uses his substantial influence to lead the “I CHOOSE AMA” campaign. Thus, he inspires youths to prioritize education and personal success.


“AMA” Open Verse Challenge ♥️💙 May bagong challenge,tara sabayan niyo ako at parinig nung sayo! #Choosetobethebest #ChooseAMA #openversechallenge #jroa

♬ original sound – John Roa – John Roa

Gianne Hinolan

Accompanying Roa in this educational odyssey are several talented artists, each with their own unique style and captivating presence. Gianne Hinolan (, an indie singer-songwriter, has a profound connection with music. She uses it as a conduit to lead people towards better life decisions. Her resonating voice echoes the sentiment that investing in education is indeed a worthy cause.

Gianne Hinolan

Paul Hapita, Gab & Josh, and Franchezka Sabalza

Paul Hapita (, along with the dynamic duo Gabs & Josh (, and Franchezka Sabalza (, have risen to popularity with their captivating song covers. They’re not just digital creators but advocates too. They urge their followers to invest in their future by investing in their education.

Paul Hapita

Gab and Josh

Franchezka Sabalza

Henry Gimena and Aly Remulla

Not to be missed is Henry Gimena (@henry.gimena), another compelling voice joining the chorus, further amplifying the message of the importance of education. Aly Remulla (, an acoustic singer-songwriter from Cavite, is known for her soothing voice and nature-inspired tracks. Just as she draws inspiration from the natural world, she also encourages her followers to seek wisdom and knowledge through education.

Aly Remulla

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Henry Gimena

The influencer ensemble harmoniously comes together, wielding the power of music to deliver a message that goes beyond entertainment. Their collaborative TikTok video for the campaign song “I CHOOSE AMA” also rings out with the clear message: Invest in your success. Stand out from the rest.

In a world where everyone’s eyes are glued to screens, their shared song is more than just a melodic harmony – it’s a clarion call to the younger generation. Each verse they sing, each note they hit, vibrates with the importance of education. It’s also a fresh, engaging, and crucial conversation that extends far beyond the confines of our devices, a testament to their conscious use of influence.

Indeed, these influencers are making waves, not just in their respective industries but in the broader scope of social advocacy. Moreover, by utilizing their platforms to foster the importance of education, they are reshaping the future—one tune at a time.

For those ready to amplify their potential and tune into a brighter future, explore a myriad of educational opportunities by visiting AMA Education System today.

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