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How Super Cub anime saved me during the Pandemic (and how it could save you too!)

How Super Cub anime saved me during the Pandemic (and how it could save you too!)

Amidst the pandemic, the 2021 anime Super Cub graced our screens with its hypnotic and intimate atmosphere. However, despite its apparent distinction, it failed to garner the attention it deserved upon its release. With time on my hands, I made the decision to take a chance on it, unaware that it would be a decision I would never regret.

The pandemic-induced isolation had taken a toll on many of us. I’m not an exception, as the loneliness prompted me to shut out the world. When I first stumbled upon Super Cub, I sought nothing more than a soothing escape from the intense shows that had consumed my anime watchlists. It was a mere pastime, an attempt to distract myself from the harsh reality of the pandemic. However, I never expected that the one anime I had never planned on watching would become the one to unearth something I thought I had lost during these trying times.

Super Cub is the definitive slice-of-life anime because it faithfully captures the realistic portrayal of life. Mundanity over mundanity, its bare portrayal may be easily dismissed by those who prefer flashy displays, over-the-top comedies, and dramas. Its strength lies in its simple yet cordial approach. It meticulously sorts out the beauty in the small moments we often take for granted. Instead of an overarching plot, Super Cub presents a seamless narrative, meticulously weaving together every humdrum moment in our everyday life.

Above all else, I strongly recommend this anime to everyone, as they may uncover something invaluable, just as I did. I crossed paths with this gem at precisely the right moment. It’s been two years since I last watched it, and I decided to revisit it for this article. In case my previous paragraphs failed to interest you, here are some of the life lessons from the show:

How Super Cub saved me during the Pandemic

Pursue what interests you most

Super Cub | Muse Asia | Episode 1

If Koguma didn’t pursue her interest, Super Cub would never have come to fruition. Her passionless commute to school left her longing for more convenience and excitement, so she acquired her first ride, a used, inexpensive Honda Super Cub. Once a timid high schooler with no distinct hobby, her life became more vibrant and thrilling. All of this occurred because she chose to step forward and seize her interest.

Although it may sound silly, I lost interest in many things during the pandemic. There were moments when I would muster up the energy to pursue something, only for my motivation to fizzle out almost immediately. When I discovered the anime, I hadn’t written anything in quite some time. But seeing how Koguma pursued her interests and how it led to numerous opportunities, she encouraged me to follow her lead.

I applied to an international horror film review website, despite knowing that my writing skills needed improvement. Nonetheless, I put forth my best effort and was able to join the team. As a result, I realized some things that I never thought I could do. If you find yourself doubting your abilities, Super Cub can inspire you to take the plunge and pursue your interests!

Open your door to new friends

Super Cub | Muse Asia | Episode 12

True friendships enrich and complete our lives. Super Cub does not only encourage growth through self-discovery but also through shared experiences. When Koguma started high school, she had no one to rely on, even her family. However, when she acquired her second-hand motorcycle, she found a way to connect with a new friend, Reiko. As their friendship grew, Koguma learned to let her guard down and discovered that having friends makes life more bearable.

Similarly, when I gained the confidence to pursue my interests, I met many wonderful people. A year after watching Super Cub, we started a basketball team that our neighbors and fellow enthusiasts welcomed with open arms. The show reminded me that true friends don’t only recognize our strengths but also help us see the greatness within us. They inspire us to become better versions of ourselves, and new friendships can bring unexpected joys and opportunities for growth.

Embrace opportunities

Super Cub | Muse Asia | Episode 4

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the pandemic, finding opportunities can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why Koguma’s journey is like a breath of fresh air. Her transformation from a sheltered individual to a fearless adventurer is truly inspiring, as she gains a newfound sense of confidence and strength in every episode.

In my opinion, episode 4 stands out from the rest. It’s a thrilling ride as Koguma is presented with countless opportunities, including a part-time job. Seeing her take on these new challenges showed me that there’s always something new and exciting waiting just around the corner.

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When the anime came out, I had four opportunities but I let fear get in the way and missed the first two. I had been out of the writing game for a while and was hesitant to try anything new. Thanks to Koguma and Reiko’s fearless attitudes, I started taking risks and the other two opportunities had helped me survive until now. Super Cub encourages us to try to tap into our inner bravery and make the most out of every situation.

Challenge yourself from time to time

Super Cub | Muse Asia | Episode 6

Koguma did something truly remarkable; she gradually discovered her capabilities by exploring beyond her comfort zone. In episode 2, she bravely ventured to a new grocery store, driving farther than ever before. On another occasion, she drove miles to join their school trip, determined not to miss out on an adventure.

Back in high school, I enjoyed testing my limits. However, over time, I became complacent and settled into my comfort zone. Seeing Koguma and Reiko’s impressive feats inspired me to try again. I will never forget the time I wrote for three films at a festival, exceeding my own expectations. It was a fun experience, and I realized I could handle pressure well and still deliver fair outcomes.

Super Cub teaches a valuable lesson: challenging oneself leads to realizing one’s potential. By making daily efforts to improve, we become more focused on our personal development and reach new heights. Leaving you with one of Koguma’s most heartfelt musings in life,

I took a turn where I usually won’t, and what expanded before my eyes are, unknown places, unknown roads, and then I’m sure, there’ll be unknown sights to discover too.

You can watch the whole season on Muse Asia’s Youtube Account.

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