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Why Fujifilm XT-100 Remains the Best Entry-Level Camera This 2022

Why Fujifilm XT-100 Remains the Best Entry-Level Camera This 2022

Yes, it’s 2022, and a lot of photography has been under the storage of mobile phones. Yet, nothing beats a professional camera, just like Fujifilm XT-100, whose massive difference is the body composition against smartphones. And if you are looking for a beginner’s camera, this product might be it.

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My Four-Year Review of Fujifilm XT-100

Why I chose this device

I have been using my Fujifilm XT-100 since December 2018, just six months after its market release. As a beginner, the Japanese brand indeed clicked my eye, and its durability still shows today. The best part is the aluminum silver design, a timeless piece that stands out from any model. While being a mirrorless camera, it is compact to bring anywhere.

Another thing that made me fall in love with the camera is the color production, which is straightforward and aesthetically pleasing. A 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor captured every moment straightforwardly and sharply with a Hybrid AF System. This camera stands out for its design and the composition a photographer could achieve in just a snap.

With the signature rotating dials, this particular device holds three. ISO, Aperture, and Speed Shutter could easily be maneuvered and adjusted in Fujifilm XT-100 to attain the perfect light exposure. It will surely go head to head against DSLR cameras as it mimics functionality and production.

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Why should new buyers try older models

Inevitably, every creative mind needs a camera to carry everywhere and should try older models. Wherein it has received countless reviews and has been tested by experts globally. Thus, compared to newer models in 2022, the price drop has been insane, particularly for Fujifilm XT-100 which remains available in different camera stores in the Philippines.

Despite this, most of us should start small, and entry-level are best for buyers. Even if Fujifilm XT-100 lacks top-of-the-class features, it has all the basics that one could use in his adventure. But if one wants to jump to a highly advanced device, there are many options, just like the newly released Fujifilm X-T5.

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Whether people desire a new device, the real reason to pursue buying is knowing the purpose and usage of a product. Yes, we all have smartphones, but the experience of holding a camera is a no-brainer, the best part of learning photography. And if one wants to take a step in honing their talent, the Fujifilm XT-100 is a must-buy from my four years of experience.

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