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What happens “before” people start sexually cheating?

What happens “before” people start sexually cheating?

When you say the word “cheating,” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it a sexual way of cheating? Did you know that it does not only revolve around the word sexual? Let me give you more information about that.

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The talk of cheating when it comes to a relationship remains broad. It has roots that sometimes you don’t even notice that your partner already does. It’s not just because you found out your partner had sex with someone else. That might not the only thing that they did. How would they even end up in that bed? That’s what I mean when I say your partner had already done some other types of cheating before they even do a sexual act.

So, what happens “before” people start sexually cheating?


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Not every lie is considered cheating. Like, withholding information that you don’t even need to know about. That’s not cheating. Sometimes, there is lying that you wouldn’t find out about. Sometimes, you found out about it, caught them, and they act like the victim when strangled up in a lie. They would still make themselves look clean even when you already know the truth. But, of course, they still wouldn’t admit it.

Talking with others without you knowing

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There is a gut feeling. Of course, there isn’t wrong with talking to other people. People deserve privacy. And, we should respect that. The only wrong thing that revolves around this refers to the romantic attention that they’ve started giving to somebody else.

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Deleting Conversation

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Again, there is nothing wrong with deleting conversations. You actually need to delete old conversations to lessen your carbon footprint. The only suspicious thing about this revolves around the idea of you seeing the conversation and finding out later that they’ve already deleted it.

Basically, if the paranoia is there, talk to your partner. That’s the healthy way of handling this.

There is no perfect relationship. But, there is a healthy one. However, if your partner does these things, do not immediately point to them and accuse them of cheating. Doing so isn’t healthy either. It’s just toxic.

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