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We’re supposed to be changing, aren’t we?

We’re supposed to be changing, aren’t we?

To navigate the wonders of life is to encounter change. By “change,” we mean moving forward, and abandoning the old ways. More often than not, it will take us a while before we realize this is what we need. It is inevitable, yet most of the time we are afraid of what is going to happen in doing so. To change is to free ourselves from those that hinder our capabilities, and that is how it should be. After all, we are supposed to be changing, taking a completely different path, aren’t we?

Change happens, and it is okay

Getting out of our comfort zone is way too difficult, especially when we get used to having a safe bubble. This space provided us with warmth, comfort, and familiarity as we moved along. However, being stuck here for a lifetime means missing a myriad of life opportunities to acquire experience. Leaving everything behind is going to be tough. But the more we resist change, the more opportunities for growth and development we miss. Change eventually happens, and it is okay. It takes time, but you might be surprised by the wonders it contains. 

No one owes anyone an apology for starting once more

It is true that change, once it occurs, is capable of making everyone around you feel uncomfortable. Whether it has to do with our lifestyle, appearance, beliefs, or dreams, we should not feel inferior for starting something anew. If anything, we have no control over what others would think. But one thing is certain: Never apologize for wanting to learn more about yourself. No one owes anyone an apology for starting once more. And so, just continue braving the unusual paths. Whatever it is that you have discovered is beautiful and worthy of your time.

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Much like the plants needing all the nutrients to grow, such as soil, time, water, and sunlight, we, human beings, also find ourselves in need of growing, adapting, and changing. Following detours might be something we are not used to, but it is now essential. We live, we die. We laugh, we cry. But above all else, we challenge ourselves into taking the risk and move forward.

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