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Words are powerful so use them for the greater good

Words are powerful so use them for the greater good

Words can either make or break a person’s heart. The way they are perceived as powerful is true for the reason that these are something we continuously live up to. We converse with others about life or anything under the sun; when we do, it will forever leave a mark. That is why as we venture out into the world, we must always, in all ways, consider how our choice of words can make a difference.

Words meant everything

Believe it or not, our words have a long-lasting impact. Every time we think it won’t affect a person’s life, it does. Words that we utter, no matter what the intention is, will certainly find a way inside our minds. The extent to which our language hurts or uplifts is not determined, but one thing is unswerving, it means everything. Our word choice, surprisingly, betters the world.

Spoken or written, it is forever etched

One way or another, words that we give and receive are bound to touch the innermost. How these things come into effect, whether it is positive or negative, remains. It is deeply remembered by the people. Hence, it is imperative to recognize what value these remarks in general have.

Be more humane

To live humanely is to be humane first. Regardless of how personal our relationships are with most people, we can never compromise quality communication, at all. We are aiming toward a more altruistic world; therefore, speaking the right language is the top choice. The true powerful force that lies behind the way we convey thoughts is its capability to move things positively. 

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As such, think before you speak, notwithstanding how the said practice appears to be commonplace. Each time we choose our words wisely, we help build a safer community. Keep in mind, it does not cost anything to be kind.

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