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VP/Cover: Francine Diaz, The Rising Princess of Modern Media

VP/Cover: Francine Diaz, The Rising Princess of Modern Media

They always say that a princess only shines because of power. Meanwhile, Francine Diaz proves that she is different because, instead, she gleams with her colorful journey. She’s the princess of modern media, labeled in pastel colors. This palette may be subtle but she is luminous in them; the hues play around her branding, grabbing the attention of many.

We see her encapsulate these shades, showing how her story starts strong and continues to be beautiful. Sure, it’s showbiz to say that she started from nothing, however, doing project after project proves that her attitude reflects the colors, hues, and shades she represents. Francine Diaz is a soft, fun, and bold young woman.

And, we were able to work with such a hardworking girl who not only plans to inspire other people but also others. She adds flavor to her title as a royalty of her generation. That’s why she’s called The Princess of Modern Media. We see her passion in the spotlight as a TV actress, a vlogger, and a brand model—doing all of them successfully.

VP/Cover | Francine Diaz: The Princess of Modern Media

When the public hears her name, the whispers of Cassie Mondragon liven up the air. The fictional character was young, sweet, and kind. And, with the overflowing blessing, Francine Diaz vicariously admitted that her young self didn’t expect any of it to happen. She revealed that she actually enjoyed being in the spotlight. That’s why she continues to continue her reign to climb the ladder from the bottom to the top.

In this generation, she is a princess and royalty. Aside from her incomparable talent, she also is a very blessed lady, with her journey starting with almost nothing, yet now enjoying the power of the platform she has. Like a princess in once-upon-a-time stories, she is now using this newfound edge to inspire young generations. The success of her story is now driving her to more projects and influence. This is the start of her fairytale story.

As a learner and her success in television 

Francine also confessed her insecurities in acting and shared how she managed to go through it. Despite her multiple acting awards, she mentioned how she started with very low confidence. Initially, the young actress got the role of the main lead and there she tried to digest all the lessons she got from that experience.

Kahit papaano mayroon na kong confidence sa mga eksena.

Despite the fact that she took trophies and awards above her expectations right now, she insisted that her insecurities are still there. However, she mentioned that acting is like therapy for her, teaching her to be a better person and pushing her to progress and move forward.  

Like young people her age, she dreams of many things. She also wants to pursue medicine when time permits or be a businesswoman, which both fit her personality. She just highlighted that she is enjoying the movement of her career right now and wants to focus on it first.  

As a pink vlogger with her criticisms  

We know how many celebrities these days have turned into vlogging. As how she sees it, she said that these artists have different reasons why they entered the world of YouTube. As for her, Francine Diaz wants to do vlogging because of the opportunity to align all the allegations about her attitude. To put it simply, she wants to be known as a person as she is behind the camera: jolly, friendly, and approachable.

Kapag nakita ninyo ko, lapitan ninyo lang ako.

She also wants to minimize the stress she has been receiving in life right now. Through vlogging, she perceives it as part of her coping mechanisms. When the time comes that she wants to plot new content, she will verify it first with the team and then have it done.

Living in the Philippines where freedom is absolute, Francine would surely not be able to escape from bashing. How does she handle it? She just lets it be. Francine sees this gray area of showbiz and vlogging optimistically. She appreciates those negative comments as she remains in the spotlight. This would also navigate her to fume what she can give more.  

Vlogging is another level of influence. Through vlogging, she wants to inspire other people too. Francine Diaz plays the camera to spread her advocacies. Imagine, at her young age, she was able to reach her target audience. Now, she is using this spotlight to cognitively spread positivity to her followers.  

As an eighteen-year-old explorer

We have seen Francine as one of the delicate young actresses in the Philippines. During the shoot, she plays professionally. She wants the team to be satisfied with her project. With her success in the industry, she is now hovering on multiple front pages of different magazines. We cannot deny the fact that her face can sell products quickly which tantalizes her journey as a brand model. 

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Francine just turned 18 in 2022. All her shoots before dwelling more on soft topics which also highlight her true personality. Now that she is a woman of legal age, she mentioned that she doesn’t want to rush things out. She is looking forward to being in a daring role, but she does want to focus more on how she is being known right now.

Francine Diaz will just let it happen. She wants to explore what she can offer more to the industry. For now, what is important for her is to maintain her career in showbiz, vlogging, and modeling. She wants to take care of her brands and she is now rising in the colors of who she really is in this world she has ventured in.  

Modeling plays a vital role in her career at the moment. It gives an extension to the spotlight she is in, especially since she gets to endorse multiple brands. Now that she’s over numerous magazine covers, that only speaks of how big of a star she is. Francine is a known person, even in advertising. 

As the Princess of Modern Media

The chunk of this cover is to show the versatility of Francine Diaz—an eighteen-year-old woman who is successful in hyping her spotlight. Behind her pastel colors are success and tranquility. Probably when we say Princess of Modern Media, the first question that crosses our mind is, “So she has a high influence on the young generation?” The answer to that is… yes because Francine Diaz has a journey that everyone should try to take on themselves.

The incredible young star has learned lessons in life that have shaped her into the Francine Diaz she is today. This serves as an inspiration to her followers—to not be pressured by other people’s success; to never feel embarrassed when fear attacks, but use it as fuel to explore more. This will in turn be a valuable experience. Take risks and gain strength from them, then, for sure, everything good will follow through. 

Indeed, success tastes better with hard work. Francine gravitates to modern media, not because of its innate power but its ever-evolving nature. And for that, truly, she is royalty beyond compare.

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Words by Cris Vilchez

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