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VPXclusives: Kelvin Miranda and Allyson Gonzales — Love in Divergence

VPXclusives: Kelvin Miranda and Allyson Gonzales — Love in Divergence

Love is possible even in divergence. Have you ever experienced falling in love with the opposite personality of yours?

Puppy love is but high schoolers would definitely relate. A heartthrob in the classroom got interested in a genius and talented girl. It is unlikely that this generation never fell in love with the hook of Wattpad stories. Imagine how two parallel characters start to meet at a certain point. Well, this scenario suits best when people start to know that Kelvin Miranda and Allyson Gonzales make a perfect match. 

Kelvin Miranda and Allyson Gonzales: Love in Divergence

Parallel personalities 

Allyson Gonzales is an aspiring artist who excels in academics and art. She is a graceful young woman with a quiet personality. Although many people might not know her right now, she has a passion that would bring her to the spotlight. She feels passionate when it comes to digital animation and singing.

I’m a singer and an artist. I have a high interest when it comes to art, especially since I get to express myself.

She lists down Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, and Olivia Rodrigo as three of her favorite artists in the music industry. This becomes obvious when she sings as she replicates the curves of their voices. She has a soft tone of voice that listeners would definitely recognize easily.

Her collaboration with Kelvin shows that her time in the limelight has definitely arrived. And, this project might just become the start of her long journey.

Kelvin Miranda seems to have different sides of him, especially on and off-screen. He has a jolly and friendly personality, vibing with the people he works with. And, he seems to be the kind of person who initiates the conversations first.

His interest revolves around cooking and acting. If he wasn’t doing acting as a profession, he cited that he would probably have become a chef. But, he does enjoy acting. So much so that fans shiver at the sight of his expressive eyes onscreen.

Despite being parallel and total opposites, Allyson and Kelvin intersect their paths with their love for music.

Gusto ko pang i-enhance yung talent ko sa pag-arte at pagkanta. Naiwan kasi ako doon sa mga lumang kanta [I want to enhance my talent in acting and singing. I was stucked in old music].

Music as an intersection

Allyson and Kelvin definitely have different personalities. However, they are a perfect match when it comes to music. Their voices complement each other, accompanying melodies together, especially in their rendition of Gusto Kita. With their similar interest in ballads, it’s no wonder that their parallel personalities make them work the song together perfectly and quite seamlessly.

Although they started to collaborate in 2021, their first song, Ating Kabanata, wouldn’t be released until 2022. Their first project definitely built a spark between them and their friendship grew stronger. Then, they followed up their first song with another one with Gusto Kita. This time, on the other hand, they decided to push it to another level. They proved that despite their differences, they can definitely show that unhidden spark to their fans.

Si Ally naman hindi mahirap katrabaho. She is open. Madali siyang making at masarap syang kasama.

Their parallel personalities finally meet at the same point with music as an intersection. It gave them an opportunity to get to know each other. And, with that, their collaborations build lasting impressions on their listeners. If anyone sees them on and off screen, they will be sure to conclude that Allyson and Kelvin are no longer hesitant like they did before. They feel comfortable with each other, content even.

Gusto Kita in diverge characters 

The romantic pop ballad was originally performed by Gino Padilla. Allyson and Kelvin sang this song as a way to gratitude for having each other. Their friendship started through their first collaboration. However, their deepened bond is built into this confession-type song that follows two people in expressing their feelings.

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As a love team, Allyson and Kelvin agreed that Gusto Kita is perfect for those who are willing to confess their feelings to someone that they like. They understand it as someone who is willing enough to take the risk, despite having two different personalities. They give significance to the song, especially since their characters fit its lyrics.

Allyson and Kelvin’s voices sound as if they are meant for each other, especially since they are starting to get the gist of each other. They continue to look forward to working with each other again and projects like this definitely make their bond firmer. And, fans would definitely appreciate the song, especially the romantics who want to confess to the person they like.

Allyson and Kelvin’s rendition of Gusto Kita definitely shows off how love does exist in divergence. This proves that opposites definitely attract. They tell the story about love not always being a fairytale story with dramatic lines. They continue to share that, in reality, love happens with unexpected plots.

Most of the time, people with different personalities create a wonderful and unique bond. Whether it be friends or romantic, their relationship becomes best if opposing characters meet at a certain point, if parallel personalities met at some kind of an intersection. Opposites attract and love is possible, even in divergence.

Love is possible even in divergence. Characters do not limit emotions and feelings. To know more about Allyson and Kelvin’s rendition of Gusto Kita, you may read this article to know more about the artists.

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