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Top 5 Apps for Highly Productive Entrepreneurs

Top 5 Apps for Highly Productive Entrepreneurs


As an entrepreneur, you’ll need all the help that you can get to manage your business and achieve your goals. And while your colleagues and employees can help you realize your vision, it is the tools that you use that make your work process a lot easier.

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Helpful apps to make your work easier

Now that the pandemic made things more digital, it will be beneficial for small business owners to learn new apps to make them more productive and efficient. Here are some of our recommendations:


A Slack workspace is made up of channels, where team members can communicate and work together. This is a great app for managing your team since it automatically organizes and archives messages. You can easily backtrack previous conversations with searchable history. Aside from that, it’s convenient to share PDFs and files through its drag-and-drop feature.


A digital signature app like DocuSign allows you to sign documents online, which is a must these days since most transactions happen over the internet. With DocuSign, entrepreneurs no longer have to spend time printing, signing, and scanning documents. You can affix your signature to relevant documents using your laptop or mobile phone, anytime and anywhere.


Evernote can help you focus on important and urgent matters. Basically, this app organizes ideas and auto-sync them across devices. You can also invite your team members to share their insights and collaborate. The app is also good for To-Do lists. There’s a button to help you create To-Do boxes.


Do successful business owners find time to read and relax? No matter how busy one is, there should be a quick time to nourish the mind. If you find it hard to squeeze some reading on a busy schedule, then Audible might be the perfect app for you. It allows the user to listen to books without having to actually focus on reading while you are out traveling or just doing chores.


It can be tiring for a business owner to thoroughly scan applications and track applicants at the same time. But the thing is, you want to hire the best person for the role, without wasting so much time. The solution to this dilemma might be Upwork. This app helps you manage the whole hiring process by lessening the manual paper-work sorting tasks. Aside from that, it is accessible online so it can receive resumes even you’re out of the office.

What other apps you can add to this list?

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