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TikTok Makeup Budol 2023

TikTok Makeup Budol 2023

TikTok Makeup Budol 2023

As someone fond of makeup, skincare, and other pampa-beauty budols, TikTok is our best friend when discovering new products. With many rising influencers advertising different pampa-beauty, we, as consumers, were enticed by it.

Combining creative visuals and reviews can drive a consumer’s buying force. Most significantly, TikTok has a shop feature where users can buy from the application (with added vouchers and discounts).

TikTok Makeup Budol 2023

Like any other sponsored brand, we must also be careful to make the most of our pampa-beauty purchase. Many influencers tend to give false reviews; as such, we must learn how to research first to look for more reviews if it lives up to its claims.

Moreover, I’ll list some of my TikTok Makeup Budol to save you some time. These products were already tried and tested by me. However, experience may still differ depending on the person’s skin type, skin color, etc.

JSkin Hydramoist Ice Water Sleeping Mask

As advertised by JB Correa, this product hydrates the surface of the face. And for enhanced freshness, you can apply moisturizer after. One thing I like about this product is that it has a cooling effect that relaxes your skin after a long day. Also, after consistently using this for months, I have felt that my skin’s surface has improved.

Definitely a must-have for only PHP. 199!

Fairy Skin SPF50 Sunscreen

As I’ve mentioned in my previous article, this sunscreen is lightweight and budget-friendly. And to support my experience, I have also watched certain reviews on TikTok so I can assure that what I’m purchasing is worth my money.

Skin Potion Peach Thy Lash

As someone who wants to have thicker brows and longer lashes, I have always searched for hair growth serums. And when I saw Skin Potion’s advertisement video, I tried looking for it in Shopee to see the reviews, and saw good feedbacks saying that it was effective.

I bought one first, and since then, I have seen how my brows have thickened. I’ve used it for two years and can attest to its claims. You have to use it continuously to see its effectiveness. What I like about this is that it doesn’t sting and it doesn’t feel heavy when applied to lashes unlike castor oil.

Sace Lady Tinted Lip Balm

Seeing this review can already live up to its claims instantly. And as shown in the video, this lip balm boasts three shades: 01 (Carotene – Natural Pink), 02 (Ambre Noire – Orange), and 03 (Terre Rouge – Red). When applied to lips, they’re highly pigmented; it smells good and leaves a tint when you swipe it off. I like applying another lip balm above the tint to ensure that my lips won’t dry.
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