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Meet this Bedan medical student who turns her hobby into a home business

Meet this Bedan medical student who turns her hobby into a home business

For the past four months, we’ve been stuck indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, hence giving us more time to pick up a new hobby or rediscover an old enthusiasm. According to Navya Singh, Ph.D., psychologist, adjunct faculty at Columbia University in the Department of Psychiatry, and founder of mental health-care company wayForward, hobbies are really good for emotional and mental health, especially in this time of global health chaos. 

Turning a hobby into a business

Whether you like baking bread and cookies, dedicating your time to your plant babies, knitting sweaters, or just binge watching series, our hobbies bring us joy and comfort amid these difficult times. But did you know that there’s a huge chance you can turn your talent into a business venture? Meet Lualhati Tiu, a medical student from San Beda University who just started her small business Hookt By Tats that offers crocheted ear savers.

“I love doing arts and crafts and one of my hobbies is crocheting. During this quarantine I grabbed my hook and yarn and started doing small projects for myself, and my sisters told me why not earn while doing what you love? So I searched for ideas and found out that crocheted ear savers exist and decided to make samples and sell it online.”

As we transition to the new normal world, wearing protection like face mask is becoming a new part of our daily outfits. Ear savers are made to help protect the ears from chafing when wearing a face mask.


“I know that I will not make a lot of money by selling these ear savers, but my main goal is not to earn big but to offer a product which can be of use to other people during this time.”

Message to aspiring entrepreneurs

Just like any other entrepreneurs, Lualhati also had doubts before finally putting up her own home business. Nevertheless, with her strong support system, she willingly took the risk.

“To those who are thinking of turning their hobbies or passion into a business, I think it is normal to feel that it won’t succeed or there will be few or none at all who will support you but you just gotta take the leap. You will be surprised that there are people out there, close to you or even strangers who will appreciate your craft.”

For her, adaptability is really important especially in this time of need and uncertainty. 

“Adapting to a difficult situation such as this pandemic is making sure that you take care of yourself physically and mentally. We are facing the new normal and it is alright if you’re not up to doing anything productive, but also remember that you can use this time to your advantage.”

Ways to fight COVID-19

As a medical student, Lualhati also shared her thoughts on the growing cases of COVID-19 in the country. She emphasized that following health restrictions imposed by the government and observing proper hygiene inside our homes are two of the few things we can do to help contain the virus.

“It is very alarming and worrisome that we have reached a high number of positive cases, and it is continuously increasing but we cannot turn back time. We need to focus on the future and think of ways on how we can help in fighting this battle. As always suggested, practice proper hand hygiene, observe social distancing when outside and always wear your mask.”


For more information about Hookt By Tats, you can visit their official Facebook page here.

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