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Give your lashes the boost it deserves with Careline’s Lash Boost Mascara!

Give your lashes the boost it deserves with Careline’s Lash Boost Mascara!

Most of my friends know me for not applying too much makeup daily. Sometimes I only apply lip tint and powder on my face then that’s all. It’s enough for me to slay the day. Just because I want to look natural doesn’t mean I have to use less makeup.

That’s when I recently found out what magic can the mascara do to your face!

Meet the Careline Lash Boost Mascara! For me, this product is heaven-sent because when I find a product I usually know if it’s lightweight. And BAM!, I use this when I go for lunch with my friends or go shopping as well.

We all need that dash of drama. And here it is. I’ve been using this for a week now and it’s a gem! This Mascara delivers a dramatic length and volume without a heavy feel on my lashes.

And let me tell you that Careline Lash Boost Mascara is one of the best waterproof and smudge-proof I know!

Lash Boost Mascara Product Details

The Careline Lash Boost Mascara is packed in an individual small box that has all the product specifications you have to know.

Upon opening it and looking at the container not much is written on it aside from the brand, Careline, and the product name. In addition, I believe these details add to the premium feel of the product. Where you can see that this product is the real deal.

Also, It features an hourglass wand which I also love about it and compliments my style in choosing the right product for me. Above all, It is perfect for building dramatic length and volume, specially made for people with sparse lashes.

How Lash Boost Mascara works?

A round of applause for Careline for formulating a product that lasts all day!

You must give your lashes the boost it deserves. Lash Boost Mascara delivers a dramatic length and volume without a heavy feel. In addition, its waterproof and smudge-proof formula doesn’t clump, smear, or flake.

You can lift and curl your lashes from root to top for that look of longer lashes that lasts all day.

Careline-Graph Ink Liner

If you wanna look sharp and edgy this Careline Graph-Ink Liner is for you!

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This liquid liner pen comes with a flexible, marker that gives you a sharp slayin’ line every time. In addition, it’s a waterproof formula. You won’t worry about a thing, because this super black liner stays put and smudge-free all day.

Careline Best Brow Liner

Do you Wanna slay the day by having the perfect brows? The Best Brow Liner is made for you.

Above all, this retractable angled pencil makes filling in brows super quick and easy. While its built-in Spoolie is perfect to brush brows and blend out the product.

Finally, you can slay every day when using these remarkable products. So what are you waiting for?

Go visit their Shopee and Lazada stores to grab your very own Careline Lash Boost Mascara for only P195!, Also the Careline-Graph Ink Liner, and Careline Best Brow Liner products.

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