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Things I miss about home

Things I miss about home

Spending 18 years in the province under my parents’ care were the best years of my life. However, since I moved from Bicol to Cavite, things changed.

I felt I left a big part of me in Bicol. When I got here in the city, it felt weird and everything was new to me. I know it’s normal, but I just can’t help but compare everything to my new place. Although I am already getting used to what happens here, I still miss my old province life, being at home and being the old me.

Moments with my parents

I miss my parents. I miss how they take care of me and how we have short but meaningful conversations. Moreover, I wanted to hear my father’s ‘dad jokes’ again. His jokes are not that funny, but everyone still laughs as he looks serious as he tries to be funny.

We also have a small farm where my father plants his crops and vegetables. I remember going to the farm with him to harvest eggplants to serve on our table.


My mother’s care is what I miss the most. She always feels like home. I have my family members here in the city, but my mother’s touch really feels different. When I get sick, my mother, herself, serves as my medicine. In here, the medicines I take mostly didn’t help me get well. It takes me weeks before I get better.

I also miss the food my parents always cooked at home. Both mama and papa love cooking and everything they serve will surely empty plates.

I just miss everything about my parents. We rarely call each other since I got here in Bicol because I got busy working and studying. They don’t like the idea of me working while in college. However, I decided to still work as I don’t want to always depend on them for financial assistance.

My other family

Aside from my parents, I really want to spend time with my friends in Bicol again. I have so many friends that I consider family too. Being classmates from elementary until my junior year, the bond among us got stronger. I miss the things we do before, meeting in one house, eating together, and laughing at each other. Those people already know me very well that I have these bad traits but they still choose to be my friends. Also, I can act freely in front of them, not worrying about being judged.

Home friends
ED Times

I became their ‘ate’ as I am one the oldest in their class. I love how they share their problems with me, ask for advice when they needed it. I am not good at cheering them up as I hate drama, but they find my scolding better. Now, I am having flashbacks. Oh, the good old days.

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The series of events

Another thing I want to experience again back at home is riding in our rail transportation. We call it skates with three parts of seats. You won’t feel hot even during a ride at 12 noon on a bright sunny day. Skates were built as an open mode of transportation with really small, but hard metal wheels. If you are a first time rider and you pass a bridge, it will be really scary. I really hope I can take my Cavite friends here to let them experience this ride.

Home province Bicol

Moreover, the barangay fiesta in our province offers so many fun activities. The old way of picking snacks thru a bamboo tree while the children jump until they get one and the dancing contest and singing contest with songs from our dialect are some best examples of these. The Sarung Bangi‘s song remains iconic for me. It is a calming and a lullaby song. I miss the variety of food we can share with each other. Plus, the vendors sell the most unique products you can find.

Due to having a more green environment, the wind breeze in my home province sooths you. Waking up in the morning with coffee as seeing fog all over the place feels so serene. Meanwhile, the sound of the crickets before you will serve as your lullaby.

My home, my love

Overall, I miss almost everything about being at home: the people, the events, the experiences, and anything my home province can offer. I am not saying that the place where I am now made me feel lonely. I discovered good things and made unforgettable moments here that I will bring wherever the future will lead me. Yet, there are just things that I miss about home, that only my home can give and no other.

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