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The World of Frozen soon to open in HK Disneyland

The World of Frozen soon to open in HK Disneyland

The World of Frozen will open on November 20 in Hongkong Disneyland Resort, the theme park that the kids and kids at heart enjoy.

The newest theme park was inspired by the biggest Walt Disney Animation Studios’ films, “Frozen” and “Frozen 2”. It will bring the guest to the majestic land of Arendelle.

World of Frozen

It is a perfect travel destination. You will surely fall in love with the amazing characters, stories, culture, and pristine landscape. It will be as magical without the enchanting music and for their cutting-edge technology “for the first time in forever” as they enjoy the Summer Snow Day celebration.

Photo from TDR Explorer

There are also exciting attractions such as Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs and Frozen Ever After.

Michael Moriarty, the managing editor of Hongkong Disneyland, proudly introduces to the world their newest theme park.

Photo from TDR Explorer

“Today, on the 18th anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, we’re thrilled to be sharing more details on World of Frozen. World of Frozen is an integral part of the park’s latest expansion and growth, and with the launch on November 20, we look forward to welcoming even more guests from around the world,” Moriarty said.

“We are committed to continually delivering new and innovative offerings so that our guests can enjoy a magical experience with each and every visit to the resort ,we can’t wait from them to explore the kingdom of Arendelle,” he added.

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The World of Frozen puts some of their iconic scenes as signature spots for the theme park. These are the following:

  • North Mountain, with its peak as the highest point in Arendelle;
  • Ice Palace where Elsa unleashes her icy powers freely for the first time;
  • Arendelle Castle, home of the royal family;
  • Bay of Arendelle, featuring the small fishing boat that Anna fell on when she met Prince Hans;
  • Clock Tower where Anna danced with Prince Hans;
  • Friendship Fountain where Elsa uses her magical powers to freeze its water into beautiful snowflake ornamentations.
Photo from Disneyland Website

Tourists can fully experience the magic of the Summer Snow Day celebration by meeting Queen Elsa and Princess anna at the Frozen Ever After and Ice Palace. Also, they will enjoy the wonderful adventure on Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleigh and Playhouse in the woods. It will be open for all.

Live your Disneyland dream at The World of Frozen!

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